Android Tutorial for Beginners: Introduction and Installing and Configuring Java JDK & SDK

Android studio 2.3.3 installation. Android studio 2.3.2 installation guide. Software links are below. Follow the steps and ready to create your first APP.
How to Install Android Studio with Java JRE/JDK 8

Android SDK installation include all in one.

Android studio installation CPU configuration requirements –

• Minimum of 2 gb RAM with minimum DDR2 Ram type.
• HD display computer or Laptop monitor.
• 15 gb of storage in Hard Disk Drive.
• High speed internet to download Android studio.
• Android SDK & JRE Java

Learn with direct code copy paste android source code –

Download the required software as per your OS is and must check the how much bit your Operating System Is.

Java JRE –

Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK) –

Android Studio IDE –

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How to Make Android Apps – Java Programming Part 2

How to Make Android Apps Part 2. This introduction to Java is aimed at people with very little programming experience. The goal of the series is to serve as a Java primer and provide an overview of the key concepts as quickly as possible. Without going into too much depth, we introduce the basic syntax and the programming jargon, which you will further expand upon while making apps.

In part 2 we cover the objects, classes and methods. Topics include:

What are objects?
How to create an object
How to use the constructor
What is a class?
Member variables in a class
Methods in a class
Structure of a method
Return types of methods
Supplying arguments to methods and constructors
How to call a method
public and private access modifiers
Why are access modifiers important?

The videos are the companion piece to the written tutorials:

Setup to get started on making apps:
1) Find out how to install Android Studio and set up your phone:…

2) Book a weekend crash course with us:

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Android studio 2.3.3 tutorial. How to open a installed android app with a button click intent. 2017

Launch Other Application From Your Android App Programmatically. Open facebook Youtube form your own application.
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Android studio tutorial (Send Email) Make your feedback app. NEW (2017)

Android application development tutorial. Send email from your android application. Android simple feedback button example. Below Link –

Android studio 2.3.3 tutorial.

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#3 ANDROID STUDIO 2.3.3 tutorial (Hello world) Make your first app. NEW (2017)

Android application development tutorial. Updated make your first app with android studio 2.3.2 version. Android Studio 2.3.3 is latest version 2017 stable version.

Whats new in Android Studio –
Android studio code is now supporting Kotlin next big thing. But Java in its position although Kotlin code is came across.

Android new version Oreo and last version Lollipop Marshmallow with API 25 android hello world tutorial is working well.

Learn with direct code copy paste android source code – – Hello World

Android studio complete source code with Kotlin coming soon with Android studio 3.0

Android studio 2.3.2 tutorial playlist.
Android studio 2.1+ complete tutorial – below link of Playlist No deprecation.

Now learn with Android Studio 2.1 to 2.3.3 complete guide. Avoid deprecated code.

Android tutorial video
Learn android programming step by step
Android tutorials for beginners get all the videos with step guide learn android Hello World.

java (programming language) hello world is best easy to understand android studio basic.

Here is complete android app development course with new unique videos.

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1. туториал по java
2. java программирование
3. курсы java


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Android studio tutorial. Android button double click event. TWICE CLICK BUTTON EVENT

Android studio 2.2.3 tutorial for beginners. More ways to use button in android. Android button click listener work on twice click.
Android button click event after triple click.

Android studio 2.3.3 tutorial.

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Android button event till button is pressed –

Android toggleButton example –

Android multiple ways to use button –


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