Any.DO App Review for Android! – Easily Manage Your To-do Lists & Tasks!

Heres an app review of Any.DO for Android. With this app your can mange your task or to-do lists very easily.

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App Review / Tutorial ¿Que es y como funciona – David Gonzalez

Quieres saber ¿Que es ¿Para que sirve ¿Como funciona mira el video y resuelve tus interrogantes. Any.Do para android, iOS y Google Chrome.

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Cancion por Harold Mathew: Funk Weekend

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Any Do App Review and Tutorial

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Any Do is a iPhone productivity app that allows you to set your Todos for the entire week or beyond. Any Do app also links with Google Chrome so that you can set up todos or check off todos right on your computer. Any Do app also syncs with its calendar app called Cal, so that you are able to view both your calendar events and todos on the current day.
Any Do app gives you the ability to set up your todos by just using your voice, the app also remembers what you previously used and gives you suggestions. Any Do app will also give you the ability to share your todos with others who also have the app by using its sharing feature.
Any Do in landscape mode will show you the calendar view and also display your current events and todos that are set. Any Do features an Any Do Moment which is a daily, weekly or once a day of the week reminder that will show you all of your todos for a certain day that you can either accept or delete.
Both Any Do and Cal are a great combination of todos and calendar events all rolled up.

Any Do



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Any DO 4.0: Calendar & Assistant updates


Bulleting is a popular trend, especially in this digital focused generation. Noise is everywhere, bullet journal attempts to help you organise tasks and events using a simple and clear method. I tried it for 1 month, here’s my experience. During this video, we’ll cover the following:

▸ A new Calendar experience
▸ 1:1 event inviting feature
▸ Any.DO chatbot assistant – see links and mentions for demo


▸ Any.DO:
▸ Any.DO Assistant mention:


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TehSynes – Adventures In The Land Of Music Remix (Button Bashers) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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My name is Francesco.

I’m a student based in the South West of the UK, I also work with FlashSticks and Newton Mail with their marketing teams. I’m mad about technology – especially apps and software.

I’ve been on YouTube since 2014. I’ve been making videos about how to use productivity tools and resources.

The mission has really been to create handy tools for anyone to use to understand and implement a tool, with some extra support thrown in. I don’t believe productivity tools can solve your organization problem, but equipping you with the right ones can put you one step further.

Drop me a tweet anytime, I’m pretty open to tech conversations: @francescod_ales

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Round up – How to keep on top of your tasks with

Round up – How to keep on top of your tasks with
Channel: Ravi Sandhu
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