AOSiP Rom 7.1 Lenovo A6000 – Moto E2/G2/G3/G4 Play/X2/X Play/Z Play – 1+ X/1/2/3/3T – Mi – Zuk..

AOSiP Nougat Custom Rom For Android, Rom high Performance And Rom run smoothly.

AOSiP OS For Lenovo A6000
Moto E2 4G, Moto G 2013, Moto G 2nd Gen, Moto G 3rd Gen, Moto G4 Play
Moto X Play, Moto X 2014, Moto Z Play
Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P
Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1
Oneplus X, Oneplau One, Oneplus 2, Oneplus 3
Redmi 2/Prime, Redmi Note 3
Mi 3, Mi 4i
Yu Yuphoria
Zuk Z2 Plus

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BGM – DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]

How Can Install NOKIA X Lenovo A6000 ROM

In this video you can learn about how can instal Lenovo A6000 in nokia x

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Downlode rom

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How can Install SEMSUNG S5 rom in nokia x

How can Install Nokia X cm12

How can Install MIUI in Nokia x rn980

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Moto G4 Plus Speed Test : Stock ROM vs Lineage OS vs Resurrection Remix

This is a detailed speed test video of the Stock ROM vs the Lineage OS vs the Resurrection Remix ROM. All the 3 Phone’s have 3gb of RAM.

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मोटो जी -4 प्लस स्पीड टेस्ट: स्टॉक रॉम वंश ओएस बनाम जी उठने रीमिक्स बनाम
moto jee -4 plas speed test: stok rom vansh oes banaam jee uthane reemiks banaam

Moto G4 प्लस गती कसोटी: पुनरुत्थान रिमिक्स वि वंश ओएस वि शेअर रॉम
Moto G4 plasa gatī kasōṭī: Punarut’thāna rimiksa vi vanśa ō’ēsa vi śē’ara rŏma

Moto G4 Plus Prueba de Velocidad: Stock ROM vs. Lineage OS vs Resurrection Remix

Moto G4 Plus Speed ​​Test: Lager ROM vs Lineage OS gegen Resurrection Remix

موتو G4 بالاضافة الى اختبار سرعة: سهم ROM مقابل نسبه OS مقابل القيامة ريميكس
mutu G4 bial’iidafat ‘iilaa aikhtibar sret: sahm ROM mqabl nisbih OS mqabl alqiamat rimyks

Moto G4 Plus Test de vitesse: Stock ROM vs Lineage OS vs Resurrection Remix

Moto G4 Inoltre Speed ​​Test: Archivio ROM vs Lineage OS vs Resurrezione Remix

Moto G4 Plus速度测试:股票ROM对天堂操作系统和复活混音
Moto G4 Plus sudu ceshi: Gǔpiao ROM dui tiāntang cāozuo xitǒng he fuhuo hǔn yīn

Moto G4 Plus Test Speed: сцёк ROM супраць Lineage OS супраць Васкрасенскага Remix
Moto G4 Plus Test Speed: sciok ROM suprać Lineage OS suprać Vaskrasienskaha Remix

Moto G4 prova de velocitat Plus: Stock ROM vs Llinatge US vs Resurreccio Remix

মটো G4 প্লাস গতি টেস্ট: স্টক রম বংশ ওএস বনাম কেয়ামতের রিমিক্স বনাম
Maṭō G4 plāsa gati ṭēsṭa: Sṭaka rama banśa ō’ēsa banāma kēẏāmatēra rimiksa banāma

Moto G4 Plus Τεστ ταχύτητας: Χρηματιστήριο ROM vs Lineage OS vs Ανάσταση Remix
Moto G4 Plus Test tachytitas: Chrimatistirio ROM vs Lineage OS vs Anastasi Remix

Moto G4 Plus 속도 테스트 : 재고 ROM 대 리니지 OS vs 부활 리믹스
Moto G4 Plus sogdo teseuteu : jaego ROM dae liniji OS vs buhwal limigseu

Moto G4 Plusスピードテスト:在庫ROM vsリネージュOS vsリサーチリミックス
Moto G 4 puryusu supīdotesuto: Zaiko romu vs rinēju OS vs risāchirimikkusu

मोटो जी 4 प्लस गति परीक्षण: स्टक रोम पुनरुत्थानको रिमिक्स बनाम वंश ओएस बनाम
Mōṭō jī 4 plasa gati parīkṣaṇa: Sṭaka rōma punarut’thānakō rimiksa banāma vanśa ō’ēsa banāma

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Hello guyzz i m showing you how to flash this rom on yur device yu yuphoria an small review of this rom. Only data bug have in this rom .but you can use LTE discover app .volte are supported in this rom .no lagging at all

Sorry if you guyzz facing any problem in this video





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Project Nitrogen 7.1 (VoLTE) on Redmi Note 3! ~ For The People!

The last time i uploaded the video on the Redmi Note 3 many of you commented to check out the Nitrogen OS! So yeah here it is checking out this awesome ROM just for you guys! So enjoyt the video and do it on your device if you desire!

CM 14/14.1 Firmware for VoLTE [Updated Latest] ~
GApps ~
VoLTE Patch ~

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How to install Android O ( 8.0 )* Oreo* Without root and Its Not For any android phone

How to install Android O without root and this method is not for any Android smartphone it can work in only Nexus 5x Nexus 6p Nexus phones and Google pixel c and Google pixel and Google pixel XL this Android version is only in developers this Android version is also in testing so it is so buggy and so lagging so if you want to try this Android version you can easily download the zip file and install in your smartphone from the given Site below and enjoy your Android latest version 8.0 or oreo

Before download in your Android version please subscribers channel because subscription is is absolutely free without any cost and like and share this video to your friends if they want to try the all new Android version Android O

Download 👇👇👇👇

* = Not Confirmed

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