Arduino Car Remote Control From Android

Arduino telefon kontrollu arac.
Gurkan UCAR 2017

Smartphone Controlled Arduino 4WD Robot Car ( Part – II )

This video shows how to make a Smartphone controlled Arduino Robot Car.

Project Details :

Down;oad the Code :

Download the app :

Parts :

1. 4WD Robot Chassis kit :

2. Arduino Nano :

3. LM298 H bridge Module :

4. Bluetooth Module HC-06 :

5. 2 x 18650 Li Ion Battery :

6. 2x 18650 Battery Holder :

7. Mini Bread Board :

8. 0.5 sqmm Wires

9. Male-Female Jumper Wires :

10. Male-Male Jumper Wires :

7. Duct Tape or any other tape :

8. Smartphone

Tools Required :

1. Soldering Iron :

2. Wire Cutter :

3. Wire Stripper :


Music credit :
Inova – Seamonster:

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How to make an Arduino Magnet Actuated Door Lock

Here is a quick and easy Saturday afternoon project: The Secret Squirrel Magnetic Door Lock. In this project we use a Hall Effect sensor to detect the presence of a small rare-earth magnet. When the magnet is within about 3/8″ of the sensor it will activate a relay (through the program’s logic). The relay can then unlock a door. The relay can also be replaced with a Servo to unlock a door also.
The reason I call it the Secret Squirrel project is since the magnet does not have to actually touch the sensor, the sensor could be placed behind a piece of plastic or paneling.

All of my sketches are available here:

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Arduino RC Car Tutorial with Android Bluetooth Control and How to use Arduino Motor Shield

This tutorial goes through setting up the Arduino IDE for use with an Adafruit motor shield clone board as well as setting up an old RC car so that it can be controlled with an android phone via bluetooth.

The Code for the RC car can be found here:
credit goes to Bill Tarpy
(It was only slightly modified in order to work with my particular RC car setup.

A complete parts list with links can also be found at the same link above towards the bottom of the page.

Download the Adafruit Motor Shield Library here:

Comment with any questions.
Thanks for Watching!

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Infrared (IR) Remote control. Arduino

link to code:

Control your arduino with a IR remoter.

Car mp3 remote controller.

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Arduino Project Tutorial 09 – RC Car Control via Bluetooth (with Smartphone)

Arduino Projects : How To Control RC Car via Bluetooth (with Smartphone)


In this project I will show you how to transform an RC toy car to Bluetooth controlled through your Android smartphone!

Hardware Required:

– RC Car –
– Arduino Board –
– Motor Shield –
– Bluetooth Module –
– Wires
– Battery

Recommended site to buy the required hardware:


– Before starting, remove the existing rc circuit.
– You should find the polarity of 2 motors.
– For power, you can use the existing batteries, or replace them with a Li iOn rechargeable battery pack.

– When uploading code to arduino, you must disconnect first the VCC pin of Bluetooth module.

Get the Code and App —


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