Asphalt 8 – Lunar New Year Update – New Cars & Stats!

Have a look at the new cars and their stats in this video. Enjoy the new update! The Lunar New Year update is already available on iOS and Android; it should land on other platforms very soon.

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The ‘creme de la creme’ of Asphalt i is back today in Anthony’s Top 5 Runs of the Week! Spoiler Alert: The number 1 is an absolutely gorgeous run on Asphalt Xtreme! It’s on!

Send your runs at TOP5RUNSA8@GMAIL.COM to be featured in next week video!


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5. Return 码农

4. RpM Alex

3. Jiang James 蒋宇昊

2. Driver GT Doom

1. Cytokine 사이토카인


Dread Pitt – Pyro
Y&V – Falling Up
3rd Prototype – Get In
NIVIRO – Sapphire
Jensation – Joystick’

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Asphalt 8: Top 5 Most Influential Kings

Today’s list is a reflection on the ex-kings that really shaped Asphalt 8’s structure. Everyone went for these cars and they started trends in car releases. Some cars were kings longer than others, but they all had an influence on the cars that get released nowadays.

Thumbnail by JW
Million Likes LB By Koussaila Ben Mamar

Music from GT5

Original content belongs to its owner. Asphalt 8: Airborne is an arcade racing game made by Gameloft.

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Asphalt 8 – Patagonia Trion (Crystal Lake) 1:02.923 Shortcut

My best time on this cup and current 3rd record on Android leaderboard. I made some mistakes, but not bad for first attempts 🙂

Car MAX PRO (Rank 1805)


Mi mejor tiempo en esta copa y actual 3º en al clasificacion Android. Cometi algunos errores, pero no esta mal por ahora 🙂

Coche MAX PRO (Rango 1805)

Music: Laszlo – Here We Are [NCS Release]

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Asphalt 8 MultiPlayer Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition 12750Tokens

It has good Mastery Rewards. How do you liked his performance?
Would you give 12750 tokens for this Car?

MiLLioN ProDz – Voices

Channel: ReV•GhoSt
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Cars in Water 🌊🚗 Accidents Caught on Cam [TNT Channel]

Cars being driven into water… what were these drivers thinking?!
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TNT Channel prepared for you a video of Dash Cam Videos, check it out!

So there you have it! Dash Cam Videos. Are they out of their mind?! Please don’t do this, everyone!

Приступ дурости.Утопил машину в речке
Epic Fail
утопил машину дурень
Смех да и только
Утопил машину на рыбалке!
Нарезка провалившихся под лед))
Тимур Халиков
Утопил машину
Дебилы утопили машину
1 543 248 wievs
Стас машину утопил . Land Cruiser 200 ушёл по лёд
Руся Кубаев
утопили Машину! Смотреть всем!!!!
Stolen Porsche Cayenne pushes Smart into Canels of Amsterdam
Лучшие Приколы
Лучшие приколы – Утопил машину
Алекс Докин
Утопили машину в Бирюсе)
Humor Mumor
[Видео] Утопили машину
Езда по бездорожью
Бездорожье. Авария глазами гонщика. Утопили машину
Машина упала с моста в речку. Пассажиры спокойны как удавы.
4х4 для настоящих мужчин
утопили машину в луже
Viral DeadPool
Heavy Truck drowned crossing with a car. КамАЗ утопил переправу с машинами
Северный Путь
Утопил четыре самосвала
Mihail Usc
Утопили машину#
Auto Moto Video
Лада Нива OffRoad 4х4. Утопили Ниву. Утопили ниву в озере жесть
yda4aTV – Подписывайся на канал!
Прикол 2015 Два придурка утопили машину
Denchik 999
Утопили Пыжика.
Утопил Bugatti veyron / Drown Bugatti veyron
Петр Мамонов
Утопили Рэнджровер вместе с ребенком!
Александр retro
ВАЗ Бронто утопили

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