Associate Android Developer Certification Summit – 2017

Google hosted the AAD certification alumni in India to celebrate their achievement and participate in a full day of tech talks and hands-on workshops.

Thanks to all the Indian AAD alumni who participated in this fun summit, and congratulations to all alumni everywhere.

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Life of a Certification Student

JP Souchak introduces the Associate Android Developer (AAD) Certification by Google. The AAD Certification is intended for developers who can display typical skills of an entry-level Android developer. By earning the AAD Certification, developers can get recognized for their skills and advance their careers.

There are several steps in the process towards becoming an AAD: determining if you are ready, getting training if necessary, and then signing up and taking the exam. When you sign up for the exam, you pay a certification fee, download the exam, and work on it in Android Studio. The exam is a performance-based exam in which you will be asked to write and debug code.

After you are finished with the exam, you will upload it and it will be reviewed through a combination of machine and human grading. If you pass the exam, you move on to the Exit Interview. When you’ve passed both the exam and the Exit Interview, you will receive a digital badge that you can share with employers, on your resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, and in your email signature.

To learn more about AAD Certification and sign up for the exam, go to

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How to become an Android Developer

Learning android development is easy but a lot of students get confused in it. With this video about how to get started as an android developer, I have tried to clear up confusion about android development.
On a quick list, you need a decent hardware, need to learn java and get started with basic android development. Then further move into complex apps using firebase.

You also need to register with google by paying a small fees to publish your app in google play store.


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My experience with Android Developer Nanodegree Program, Udacity

Learning at Udacity is different. The knowledge is not spoon-fed here. You need to go hunt for the answers. This thrill and adventure is what makes it special. Learning was never so much fun 🙂

Here is my udacious experience with Android Developer Nanodegree program 🙂

If you have any query, feel free to ask in comments.

You can view more details about the program at–nd801

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Android Developer Story: Omnidrone develops a better game with Early Access on Google Play

Watch Gerard Fernandez, CEO and Gonzalo Fasanella, Product & Business, at game developer Omnidrone, explain how using open beta and the Early Access Beta Program have enabled them to build the game which players want. Hear how they iterated the game and improved key KPIs, such as engagement and monetization, before the public launch.

– Find out about open beta and sign up for the Early Access collection:

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Android O Developer Preview First Look!

Everything new in Android O:

Google dropped the first developer preview for Android O! We dive in and take a first look at the next version of Android!

Diving into Android O –

Download the AA App! –

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