BACKUP CAMERA SYSTEM WITH replacement 5inch ANDROID OPERATED DISPLAY and bluetooth . GPS navigation

5inch Replacement mirror monitor
Equipped with GPS and full Bluetooth capabilities
Android operation system
Ultra reflective – acts as mirror as well as monitor
Adjustable distance grid lines for backing up reference
2 Channel – can attach up to two cameras
Compact Camera Ideal for Smaller Vehicles
170° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle and Excellent Night Vision

For a backup camera system which fits almost any vehicle and is virtually invisible, look no further than the Camera System.
The monitor runs off the Android operating system and allows connection to WiFi networks for full internet browsing. The Google Play store is also available from this monitor allowing you to download any app available on the Android market! It comes with 8GB of built-in storage and can handle microSD cards up to 32GB. and we can offer iGo primo latest map with 3D landmark . POI for North America and Europe .
The backup camera is completely waterproof with an IP68 rating and boasts excellent night vision. The system comes included with all parts necessary for installation

2017 Germidマルチサイドビュー・FK-073Aバックミラー・モニターシステム(バック駐車も楽)

2017 Germidマルチサイドビュー・FK-073A




弊社はWin CEナビゲーションシステム、Androidナビゲーションシステム、運転録画システム、CANBUS自動車情報システム、自動防眩、マニュアル防眩、パンキングセンサー探測機、コンパス温度指示、スピードテストレーダーなどの数多くの機能を持つルームミラーを量産しています。上述の製品機能は長年以来弊社が研究に研究を重ねる結果です。バックミラー業界にも頂点に達しました。



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Germid replacement rear view mirror with WinCE GPS navigation and bluetooth .backup camera display

4.3″ Replacement mirror monitor
Equipped with GPS and full Bluetooth capabilities
Ultra reflective – acts as mirror as well as monitor
Adjustable distance grid lines for backing up reference
2 Channel – can attach up to two cameras

This mirror monitor bundles a whole range of features into one unit. It acts as a rear view mirror, displays the backup camera, comes with complete GPS Navigation (from IGO) and has full Bluetooth capabilities. This monitor will direct you to your destination with the safety of a backup camera and the ease of hands free Bluetooth.

Navigation Real time iGo navigation features easy to read 2D/3D maps BluetoothIncludes high quality microphone and multiple answering optionsMirror MonitorOur G-Series monitor completely replaces your rear view mirror.
In addition to having a high quality display, the entire surface is an ultra reflective mirror.

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SmarTure 5” Android Smart GPS Rearview Mirror REVIEW

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– Build in GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and FM Transmitter
– 5″ Screen, run Android Kitkat 4.4
– Run smooth for navigation, video recording.
– Speaker is loud on the unit, which is good
– Installation will require some effort. If you’re not verse in car or electrical, have a professional do it
– Quickly come on within 2 second and ready to be use. GPS acquire signal very fast.
Overall, for a Kitkat device, you’ll feel it ages when using an app like Google Map. But the Sytric navigation app with it offline map works very well and you also have access to an arsenal of Android app from the Google Play store. Dash camera records nice 1080p and reverse camera is also pretty good in quality. I wish they included some fuse tap with the unit to make installation easier.
Please note a retail unit of this product

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auto dimming rear view mirror with gps & navigation bluetooth android back up camera parking sensor

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DK3 043LAM frameless rearview mirror

Germid frameless rearview mirror with mirrorlink . 4.3inch RCD mirror monitor with OEM styled replacement bracket install for special car
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