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Building Your First App
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Game development – Advice for developing a simple mobile game

Hey everyone! I wanted to give three simple pieces of advice for developing simple mobile games. I’ll do a series on intermediate level games sometime soon. I hope you enjoy the video!

Game link:

My names Matthew Palaje and I’m a professional games developer. I develop high quality mobile games and PC games for clients. I also develop my own games and hope to make it as a successful indie developer one day.

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Make An Android App In 7 Minutes!

Please watch: “DIY Fidget LED Display – Part 1”

When it comes to being a good tinkerer, a great tool to have in your arsenal is the ability to quickly mach up a mobile app. But programming an app from scratch is very time consuming. So I’m going to show you how to make simple android app with MIT’s App Inventor so that you can spend less time on creating an app and more time on your other projects. No prior programming knowledge required.
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App Inventor Website –
MIT AI2 Companion –
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Android and Android Studio: Getting Started

Learn how to get started with Android and Android Studio in this short tutorial. It demontrates how to install Android Studio (Google’s official Android IDE) and create your first Android app. You’ll learn how to download the Java SDK, download and install Android Studio, create a new “Hello World” project, and run your app on an emulator and real Android device.

You’ll also learn a series of Protips from an Android app startup as they go through the process of developing their app in a highly stressful environment. With over 1 billion Android devices already activated, Android represents an incredible opportunity for developers. Installing Android Studio is your first step!

Download the Java Development Kit:
Download Android Studio:
Android USB Drivers for Windows:

Once you’ve installed Android Studio, learn more about developing Android Apps using these resources:
Android Developer Documentation:
Developing Android Apps Udacity Online Training:
Android Design for Developers Udacity Online Training:

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Writing your first Android app – everything you need to know

In this tutorial we go through the steps needed to build your first Android app. You will create a simple UI, add some Java code, and then run your app. Read the full article on

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Android Studio App Development | First App Project | Part 1

This tutorial is for everyone who knows Java, if you do not know Java, learn it first. I also have another video that should help you to get started. I am sorry that I sped up certain parts, but I am not doing that anymore in the more recent videos. If you need the code for the UI, you can go to the github page of this project.

Hey Guys,
this time we are going to create another App in Android Studio. We aren’t actually creating something completely useless and I just wanted to try a different approach at teaching, so I will be creating this project and comment on what I’m doing.
If you want me to change anything, just leave it in the comments. Feedback is appreciated.

P.S.: I’m sorry for struggling at the end, but I’m more a C# Developer, so I have to get used to some of the routines in Java.
I tried some stuff and I think I found a better method for checking the text input, so I will be changing that in the next part of this tutorial.

– Project Download –

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