Beginner Bible Study | How To Study The Bible Effectively

Need a beginner bible study or want to know how to study the bible effectively? Watch how to memorize bible verses quickly and easily using these Bible study tools!

I want to offer you some insight into Bible study tips for beginners as it can be tricking to learn hot to study the bible for yourself!

Aside from discussing Bible verses and the use of an online Bible, we are going to look at what kind of LEARNING STYLE you best perform with and how that can help you to learn scripture, context and the best way to memorize bible verses!

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Should Christians Pay Tithes? | What Is Tithe According To The Bible?

THE TRUTH ABOUT TITHING REVEALED! Recently I was asked to make a video asking, ‘should Christians pay tithes’ and really, what is tithe according to the Bible? Is tithing required? And so I did it! Enjoy!

Tithe according to the Bible can become a very complex issue, and quickly. I know I previously have struggled with the truth about tithing or just tithes and offering in general.

We go on a short trip concerning tithe definition in the context of time, as well as learning, “is tithing required in the new testament?”

Tithe according to the Bible can really vary depending on who you ask. Should a Christian tithe, is an important question as the church often falls under criticism for it’s frequent mishandling of finances. But IS this truly representative of Christ?

I wish to point to Luke 6 39 and 2 Corinthians 9 7 as a stewardship definition as we discover, is tithing biblical?

Thanks for watching!

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Is Christmas A Pagan Tradition? Is Christmas Bad?

I’m sure you’ve heard someone ask, “Is Christmas A Pagan Tradition” or, if it is, “Is Christmas Bad?” But can you answer those questions effectively?

Today we’re going to go through the origins of Christmas as I tell a Christmas story and discuss the history of Christmas.

You may already know quite a bit about Christmas pagan history or perhaps even believe that Christmas is not pagan, but have you ever heard of Mithra or Saturnalia?

Pagan holidays have a rich history that I think you’ll find quite fascinating!

Despite the origin of Christmas, Jesus is celebrated at this time of year and whether you believe or not, I pray that you have the HAPPIEST of Holidays and a very VERY Merry Christmas!

Is Christmas a pagan holiday? Stay tuned to find out!

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Proof That Jesus Existed

Discover the wealth of non-Biblical and non-Christian evidence as proof that Jesus existed. Is there proof that Jesus existed?

We will step through 3 simple examples of evidence that don’t come from the Bible, Christian writings or followers of Jesus. There is a wealth of evidence that act as proof that Jesus existed and these are some of the more well known sources.

**** NOTE **** JOSEPHUS: **********
Skeptics will try to state that Josephus is a forgery and this is primarily referring to the second mention of Jesus, the ‘Testimonium Flavianum’. This is why I mention the later modification by scribes considered to be INTERPOLATIONS.
For example, some Arabic translations do NOT have these interpolations. ALL translations of Josephus DO mention Jesus.

If you further contest this, Louis Feldman would be someone to research as he is the authority on the matter and his studies have shown that scholars agree that most of the Testimonium is valid.

HOWEVER.. there is zero contest against the other ‘short passage mention’ of Jesus made by Josephus.
I realize Josephus was just born as Christ was crucified. My WWII example is utilized to exemplify the ridiculousness of the ‘too many years have passed’ argument against prolific events in life.

**** NOTE: **** TACITUS: **********
Critics will try to combat Tacitus by saying his writings were in 109 A.D. and that’s too far after. Ridiculous. Alexander The Great was first documented 400 years after the fact and THAT is considered authentic. Attempts have been made to challenge Tacitus’ authenticity but none have panned out. In 1890 there was an attempt to say it was a forgery but this was considered an pale attempt. If you have further questions on that, I would study
Robert Van Voorst.

If you STILL have issue with these two substantive pieces of evidence, WATCH THE VIDEO, there’s even more! None of which are Biblical or Christian! God Bless!


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Did you know that there are even more pieces of evidence as proof that Jesus existed than the ones I mentioned? I sneak a few extras into the end of the video.

Discover the relevance of Josephus Flavius, Cornelius Tacitus and Lucian of Samosata and others as we step through time and discover the existence of Jesus through the eyes of non-believers.

I look forward to your comments and thoughts and as a great poet once said, ‘Be excellent to each other!’.

God Bless!

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Gods View On Women | Woman In The Bible | Is Jesus Sexist?

Many people believe that God or Jesus is sexist. Many non-believers will make it seem like Gods view on women is a very negative one. That’s simply not true.

Today we discuss women of the bible and how Jesus REALLY views women.

The negative representation of women in the Bible comes from other factors such as the law of it’s time as well as the treatment from men. We will use examples of Biblical women to illustrate God’s great love for the equal sex!

I will soon be starting a new video playlist answering atheists on their objections to Christianity and what it is to be a woman in the bible is my first topic.


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Bible Study Routine / Morning Quiet Time Walkthrough (Updated)

WELCOME to my morning quiet time bible study routine walkthrough! Join me as I study God’s word and grow closer to Him! Morning devotions are my absolute favorite and I cherish this time with God!
Bethel Instrumental –




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