Best App For Movies And Tv Show On Amazon Fire Stick? Better Than Terrarium TV?

First off, Happy 2018 guys, hope you had a great 2017!

This APK has serious contention for being the best app currently for watching movies and TV shows on your Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, or Android devices. Has features like Auto Subtitles with Auto Sync technology, Auto Next Episode for TV shows, Alexa Voice Search, can import M3U files for IPTV, has a huge Anime section, XDA Community Support, and Automatically selects a source for content that you can then manually select if you wish. Fully featured and free! I’ll show you how to get it installed on your device.

Kokotime Website But Downloaded As A .txt File For Me

XDA Community Page

Website With APK’s For Download

Top 5 APK’s For Your Amazon Fire Stick | December 2017

Here are my top 5 APK’s for your Amazon Fire Stick In December, 2017. I’ll show you how to install them as well.

My Website For APK’s

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Best App For The Firestick! (All You Need In One App)

This is the best app of the month for the firestick,with this you can get everything you need in one place!

Aptoide TV :

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Kodi DL :

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“Protect And Speed Up Your Kodi! + iPhone X Giveaway”

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Install Tea TV For Movies And TV Shows On Your Amazon Fire Stick!

I will show you how to install Tea TV on your Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV. This is a free APK for watching movies and TV shows and it’s simple to install and use! There are ads within the app but these support the developer, which hopefully makes the app stick around for a long time. Happy holidays! Enjoy!

Tea TV Download URL

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Terrarium TV Update For 2018 & Showbox

Get the updated version of terrarium tv version 1.9.0 on your fire tv or amazon fire stick! We also have an update for Showbox 4.9.6, but to work on your firestick or fire tv device you will need a mouse toggle! Make sure you guys like share and subscribe because I will be doing a review on the new Evanpo Wireless controller both for android tv and for your amazon firestick! Get the updates for Terrarium TV and Showbox plus the mouse toggle at

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Top 3 Apps For Anime On Amazon Fire Stick

You guys asked for it and here it is! Here is my top 3 apps for Anime on the Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV as per your request. They are all a little different in their interface and how they work, with the most finicky going to Tea TV. It seems to work one day and not the next but it’s a great app when it does work! I was going to add Free Flix HQ to the list but it seems a bit less reliable for Anime content unfortunately, at this moment. #Animania is excellent for content and reliability but less flashy and less user friendly, as you need Mouse Toggle to navigate it. Kokotime is excellent in all regards and is a top app in any regard for movies, tv shows, or anime. I’ll show you what they look like and how to install them!

You can get the files here for ease of searching using Downloader:

But I encourage you to visit and use the respective websites:

Tea TV


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