Best! Bible app for Android & Ios Devices “Omega DigiBible” by VSIONTEQ || REVIEW

“OMEGA DIGI BIBLE” App by VSIONTEQ for Android & Ios Devices!

What better food for the soul than God words – and what better way to spread God grace by paying it forward with a FREE and EASILY accessible Omega DigiBible – available even if you are offline! The Omega DigiBible offers a simplified approach to studying God Words with its easy to use interface and powerful Bible tools that ultimately delivers a reading experience that touches the heart and soul of every reader. Unlike other apps with hidden in app purchases – the Omega DigiBible and its resources are absolutely FREE, no hidden charges or costs! Now Available in iOS and Android Format.

All your favorite Bible Tools in one easy-to-use app

– 100% Offline Reading Available for downloaded Bible Versions & translations
Integrated Parallel Reading that allows you to read 2 versions of the bible at the same time
– Personalized reading experience with customizable themes, backgrounds, fonts and other highlighting options.
– Bookmark, Comment, Highlight, Copy, Search and Share your favorite verses – all in one platform!
– Share your Omega content (Comments, notes, highlighted text in topics and verses of the day) on social media, email or text

Up Your Study with Advanced Omega Note

– Unlike the usual black and white text for note taking, Omega Note gives more advanced editing options for the user, insert folders and tags, attach pictures from camera or files, insert verses and pop up verse feature when tapped for a seamless bible study experience.

Helping You Lead a Prayerful & Christian Life

– Top of the Hour Prayer and Songs of Praises Streaming available in different languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and Filipino
– Plenty of Reading Plans to choose from that suits your lifestyle. NEW: In-App Alarm and Reading Plan Progress which automatically updates once you tick off the books/verses read day by day
– Inspirational Verse of the Day (3 Day Display) – Scroll between Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Verses

Exclusive In-App Content – The Preacher Blog

– Feed your soul with the latest articles from the only sensible preacher of our time, Brother Eli Soriano.

Other Features

– Customizable Audio Bible – Listen to your favorite chapters and verses thru a customizable playlist
– Navigation History in Cards View – Backtrack on previous reads with easy history navigation
– Cloud Backup – Choose from Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive of backup options available to ensure your notes, comments, highlights and preferences are safe and recoverable.

Driven by the passion to build a Godly and Prayerful people, the brainchild and developers of this app with the help of God have spent time and effort to deliver to you FREE and TOP NOTCH bible reading resources that helps users connect and meditate with God words through technology. May the peace of the Lord be with you!

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