Best Top 5 Android App June 2018 in Tamil – loud Oli Tech

Best Top 5 Android App June 2018 in Tamil – loud Oli Tech

Top App List in Tamil

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10 செம்ம Apps | 10 Best Apps for Android in 2018(Tamil)

10 செம்ம Apps | 10 Best Apps for Android in 2018(Tamil)

#10 Live WaterPaper

#9 Muviz – Navbar Music Visualizer

#8 Flip Text – Upside Down

#7 Offline Browser

#6 AR Moscow City
Download AR Sheet :

#5 VidStatus – Status Video & Video Song & Clip

#4 Game Requirements

#3 Best Free AppLock- US Mobile Security myDeviceLock

#2 Hi Translate – Whatsapp translate, Chat Translator

#1 iFixit: Repair Manual

#10 Live WaterPaperI is an interesting Live Wallpaper. Very low power consumption, simulated water in your phone background. You can shake the phone at any time. Relieve your pressure. Try it, you will like it.#9 Muviz is a first of its kind app that displays a Music Visualizer on your Phone’s Navigation Bar or Status Bar while you are listening to your favourite music from your favourite apps. NO root required.#8 Now you can also transform your text upside down.You can send flipped messages to your friends by SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Works with all types of messaging apps (eg. Whatsapp, SMS, Line, Skype, Wechat, email and more!) #7 The best Offline Web Browser (the original one):
when you are online (for example when you have a Wi-Fi connection) you can download all the web pages you need to read during the day; then you can browse the content also when you have no WiFi or mobile connection. In this way you can also save money and mobile internet traffic. #6 AR Moscow City is an augmented reality (AR) app created specially for the guests of PANORAMA360, the highest observation deck in Europe, to see digital Moscow City Towers in conjunction with the real world: Federation Towers, Central Core, Evolution Tower, Imperia Towers, City of Capitals, Naberezhnaya Tower, IQ-quarter, Eurasia Tower, Mercury City Tower, OKO, Northern Tower, Neva Towers. #5 Are you a fan of 30 sec status video? Would you like to download free status videos of Bollywood movie clips and share your feelings on whatsapp status? Try VidStatus! The collection of free downloading status videos! #4 Check the minimum and recommended system requirements of more than 5000 games.#3 myDeviceLock-APPLOCK+ is the all-in-one best free smart mobile security and privacy protection AppLocker, for all Apps, Photos, and Videos. Best free way to secure all your apps using a Pin, FingerPrint, Pattern, Gesture & Signature or Password on your Android mobile device. Fast and Reliable Antivirus/Malware protection “Set it & Forget it” #2 Hi Translate supports almost any chat application translation: Whatsapp translation, Message translation, Messenger translation.You can directly translate chat bubble content, input box content, APP text content. For India native language chat translation scene made a special optimization. When translated into Hindi and Hindi to English translation flow smaller, more accurate results.#1 The world’s largest repair manual that anyone can edit! Fix it yourself withour easy to use DIY guides for pretty much everything.Document and share your repairs with the world! Now you can create your own DIYguide straight from your smartphone or tablet — Simply snap a photo, write (ordictate!) the instructions, and then publish. It’s that easy!We have thousands of step-by-step guides with gorgeous images that makes it easy to repair your stuff. We have new guides for dozens of Androids,including the five most popular Android devices: the Samsung Galaxy SIII, theGalaxy S4, the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note II, and the new Motorola Moto X.

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ரஜினி கமல் எல்லாம் ஒருகாலத்தில் இவரின் கால் தூசு ! இவருக்கு நிகர் யாருமில்லை ! Rajkiran Biography

ரஜினி கமல் எல்லாம் ஒருகாலத்தில் இவரின் கால் தூசு ! இவருக்கு நிகர் யாருமில்லை ! Rajkiran Biography

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Under Rs.100 – Best Smartphone Gadgets – Loud Oli Tech

Best Smartphone Gadgets On Under Rs. 100 – Loud Oli Tech

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Best Inspirational Scene in Tamil Movie

Tamil Movie Scene from Pasanga 2
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10 Best Whatsapp Tricks 2018 | Tamil Tech

Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks 2018 | Tamil Tech – இந்த 2018 ல நீங்க use panna சில ட்ரிக்ஸ் – Like and Share this Video, Subscribe and Support us .

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