Black Metal HD Watch Face, Widget & Live Wallpaper

This completely customizable interactive HD Android Wear / Wear OS Watch Face, Clock Widget & Live Wallpaper brings a classic elegance to your wrist and Launcher. With realistic reflections that respond to the way you move your wrist or mobile device in real time you will be sure to catch the eye of every onlooker! Features include custom complications, battery levels, weather conditions, Google Fit step counter, color picker & date information. Don’t have an Android Wear watch? No Problem! You can use the clock widget or Live Wallpaper on your launcher!

Get it on Google Play Here:

★Basic Features★
✔ Launcher Clock Widget (No second hand due to battery consumption)
✔ Live Wallpaper
✔ Customizable digital & or analog clock
✔ Interactive Actions (Digital, Date)
✔ Time zone selection
✔ Custom date format picker
✔ Smooth second hand
✔ 24-Hour
✔ Burn-In protection
✔ Square Compatible

★Premium Features★
✔ Realistic Reflections that respond to your wrist movements (NOT Launcher Widget)
✔ Animated (Watch Face only – NOT Launcher Widget)
✔ Widget Frames
✔ Live Wallpaper (Animated)
✔ Custom Complications (Android Wear 2.0)
✔ Screen Modes (Normal, Always Ambient, Always On)
✔ Screen on Time selection
✔ Interactive Actions (Weather, Step Counter)
✔ Peek card size selector
✔ Ambient modes selector
✔ Screen on-time selector
✔ Color picker to select any color you like for the background, clock hands, text, & numbers
✔ Save personal color themes (long press to delete theme)
✔ Clock numbers toggle
✔ Watch battery status
✔ Phone battery status (When connected to an Android Phone)
✔ Current date
✔ Google Fit Step Counter
✔ Weather conditions (Yahoo Weather & OpenWeatherMap) (When connected to an Android Phone)

Diamond Bling HD Animated Watch Face

This is the settings app that goes along with the Diamond Bling HD Animated watch face by DeNitE! Appz for Android Wear.

Available in Google Play here:

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5 Watch Rules ALL MEN Should Follow | STOP Wearing Your Watches WRONG!

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This Smartwatch concept will blow your mind! (Cicret Bracelet)

The Cicret Bracelet “Smartwatch” is an interesting approach to the wearable industry. It has gone viral on multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It utilizes a small projector at the bottom of the bracelet to display an adroid-like interace which is able to respond to the human touch by the use of proximity sensors. Easily one of the most interesting smartwatch concepts in the last couple of years.

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10 Unique And Awesome Wrist Watches

The best thing about innovation is the massive amount of space it leaves for re-innovation. For every great idea out there, there have been thousands of off-sets, capitalizing on the core strength of the great idea. This is why we have a hundred options when it comes to anything from shoes to cell phones. When it comes to watches, we have seen more development in the area over the last two years than ever before. We are living in the era of smart watches, but smart watches aren’t the only unique type of watches available in the market. This list features 10 of the most unique wrist watches in the world:
10. Relativity Watch,
9. Iron Samurai Watch,
7. Hamilton ODC X-02,
6. Vanity Mirror Watch,
5. Wooden Watch,
4. Tread One watch Devon,
4. Vacheron Constatin Calibre 1126-AT,
3. Kisai Radioactive,
2. Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari,
1. Space Invaders watch.
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5 AMAZING Wallpaper Apps for Android 2017 ! 3D Live Wallpapers

In this Video I will show you Amazing 3D Live Wallpaper Apps that will completely revamp your home screen. These wallpapers have 3d effects and some have live animated features that you don’t find easily ! You can also call these Holographic wallpapers.

1➝3D Wallpaper :
2➝GIF Wallpaper :
3➝Chamaleon(Paid) :
4➝Holo Droid :
5➝RainPaper(Paid) :


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