Blue light filter free software for Desktop/laptop – Does Wonders!!

Hi, I’m sure this software which is free of cost for removing the blue light from your laptop or desktop will help you to work for longer hours without giving any stress on your eyes. I have personally used this.

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Blue light filter free app for Desktop/laptop – Does Wonders!!

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Windows tutorial: How to Protect my eyes from your computer screen (Bangla)_Passion for Learn

We all know that Computer Screen harmful for our eye. There is more who are using computer long time. There are many way to protect our eyes.In This Video I will Show using a software. It is really very good software i think. Even I also use this software. I hope that this Video help full all computer users.

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Best Music Making Software for Beginners 2018

Best Music Making Software for Beginners 2018: (Discount Link)

We have been producing beats for some time now and we thought we would share our idea of our number 1 beat making software for beginners and pros out there. In our many years in the music industry we have gone through countless music production softwares including Ableton, Dub Turbo, Logic Pro X, Audacity, FL Studio and BTW Solo.

From what we’ve learned, good music making software is not based on its price. Furthermore, the really expensive softwares are usually also really complicated as they are created for music experts whom spend years mastering these programs. Other free music making softwares like Audacity also have terrible user interfaces, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. This is important for you, as you’re going to spend many hours looking at that interface and if you find it horrific from the start or find it boring, you won’t master that software. It is much easier to learn and master a music software if it is inviting and fun to use.

These qualities where all identified in one particular software, namely BTV Solo. BTV Solo is the perfect choice in software for a beginner. From what you’ll see from our video as well, the software does an incredible job at producing great beats and is FUN to use! You will also learn that you don’t need to pay huge sums of money to produce an awesome beat. Of course, you can learn that the hard way, but we are here to show you that there is another cheaper, easier path to follow and still get extraordinary results.

Coming back to why BTV Solo is the perfect pick for beginners.. Firstly, it’s fun to use, thing that can’t be honestly said about other music making programs. Other softwares like Reason are awfully complex and are intended to be used by the extreme music veterans who are crazy about knobs, buttons, and multifaceted settings. Ableton is dull and most likely will kill your motivation and creativeness. Only program that we could say comes close to BTV Solo is FL Studio, yet still, it has numerous veiled options and functions that need months, even years to comprehend. BTV Solo on the other hand has an attractive design, with functions such as equalizers and multi-tracks at just a click away. As you’ll see in the video the software is fun to use and an eye candy.

To conclude, all music software to some extent can come off intimidating, to some of you even BTV Solo may be seen the same at first. We’d advise you not to make any hasty decisions during the first weeks, after buying the software. We can assure you that you will master this software faster than any other one on the market. With the software you will also get access to Professional Training (Video Tutorials) which will speed up the learning process. You can also follow our channel for more great beats created with BTV Solo!

To your future music success,
Music Beats Software

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Best Music Making Software for Beginners 2017

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Protect your eyes while using computer for hours

In this video i will show you a freeware rest reminder that will prevent you from computer vision syndrome resulting from working on a computer for hours.
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Road to 200 Subscribers !!!

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How to protect your eyes from your computer screen

Are you tired of damaging your eyes on your computer screen?

Have you ever been using your computer in the nights and your eyes are burning like crazy?
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