Bluetooth Tethering (Android ONLY)

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sharing internet using bluetooth tethering to ios

using bluetooth tethering from my android to get internet connection to my ios device.
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{Working 100%} Legacy Of Discord Hack 2017 – Free Diamonds & Gold – Android & IOS

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Bluetooth Tethering from Phone to PC Part 2

In previous video we’ve already enabled Bluetooth tethering on our phone,
Now we need to pair our phone with our PC.

If we don’t have inbuilt Bluetooth on our pc then we need to buy one, it will cost around $1.5 only.

I’ve already installed one Bluetooth dongle to my PC and here we can see my Bluetooth devise. (I’ve a separate video for “How to use Bluetooth dongle on PC”) Please watch that video if you need to install one.

Navigate to Devices and printers from Control panel then click on “Add a device’ at the upper left corner.

The “Add a device” dialog box will open and will search our phone’s Bluetooth.

*We need to make sure that our mobile’s Bluetooth is in visible mode.
If our phone’s Bluetooth is not in visible mode then it will not find our phone, so we need to it make visible again if required.

When our phone is displayed select it click on Next button, we’ll then get a passcode, enter this pass code in our phone and click on ok, now wait until our phone is paired with our PC.

Once our phone is parried with our PC. Right click on newly added phone and select “Create Shortcut” this action will create a shortcut on our desktop.

Navigate to desktop, verify internet is not connected at lower right corner.

Right click on newly added shortcut of our phone and select “Connect Using” and then click on “Access Point”

Now we’ll get an access request on our phone, allow this request and we are done, notice lower right corner at your PC, it is now connected with internet.

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AIWI Connection Wizard for Internet Tethering by Bluetooth (XP)

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Published: 2010-08-25 07:04:24
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USB vs. Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi: The best way to tether to your iPhone or iPad!

Read the how-to:

Tethering lets you share the data connection from your iPhone or cellular iPad with your Mac, PC, Wi-Fi tablet, and other devices. There are three ways to tether to your iPhone or iPad and they are USB (via Lightning or Dock cable), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi (personal hotspot). But which one gives you the fastest speed? Which one gives you the most reliable connection? Which one saves you the most battery life? Which is the best way to tether to your iPhone and iPad?

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