Cela fait un moment que Gumi Europe FRANCE (ou First) prepare son jeu sous licence Brave Frontier. Il est annonce officiellement pour l’ete 2018 !! Annonce “25 vs 25” !!
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St.Creek – 3rd Arc Final Chapter VS FINAL BOSS & Summoner Become Normal Unit? (Brave Frontier)

The update came together with Alza Masta’s Trial but I chose to do the Trial 1st before the new 3rd arc update. Today i’ve done the things in this new map, and I got new weapon, new feature & also 2 new free units (Garret & Mel) from the new map. Enjoy the video! 😀

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Brave Frontier – Vortex Arena : Electrical Showdown

Squad Used :

Erza/Lead (Yggdrasil Edict + Heaven-Binder)
Cerise (Heaven’s Edge + Ka-rzn’s Excruciation)
Cerise (Sky Orb + Ka-rzn’s Excruciation)
Khepratum (Survival Charm + Daltisk Phenomenon)
Behemoth (Jeu’vrr’s Warcry + Reverence Crystal)

Music : Haikyuu!! – The Battle of Concepts

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Brave Frontier – Frontier Rift – Guild Event: Joy to Ashes

I’m in a hurry so there’s not much at the end part and forgot to color code the units’ name

Thanks to my Guildmate Curiii for the Xenon UBB tip to bypass Draegar’s Barrier at 30%


Alright we got a new content, it’s the continuation of Elysian Frontier Rift.
Similar with the previous Guild Frontier Rift we need to get 3m points to get all the rewards available here. BUT unlike the previous one, this FR is way easier than it. With the release of ESTIA I was thinking that LS would do little here so I relied on ALLANON’s 5% mitigation on his ES (I just pulled my 4th ALLANON on ESTIA’s gate a while ago…) and it seems to work. I’ll add additional info about each stages so you can build your squad around it but for now here’s my squad and what units do.

XENON lead Sacred Shield + Daltisk Phenomenon (put YE instead of DP)
– Since I was using 3 ALLANONS and for much better damage. Also for breaching DRAEGAR’s barrier at 30% HP

ALLANONs Ritus Staff / Malevolent Charm (Dmg/BC spheres for the rest)
– Mainly for the 5% miti from their ES

ELAINA Elaina’s Time-Piece + Koto’s Brand

ELAINA friend Elaina’s Time-Piece + Koto’s Brand
– for the 100% Recast

(lol were you able to read their discussion in the cutscene?)

Here are my observations (could be wrong but heck)

Battle 1 – VAN LUCY
Takes 1 damage only for some reason…

Turn 1 – LS LOCK + 98% HP reduction + Heal reduction
“Foul Tricks are a no-no”
– 95 hits on unit with current highest HP (YE pls)

“Choke on your own suffering”
– 55 hits AoE (helps in BC fill)

“This will be your undoing!”
– 25 hits on units on Left side at Odd turns / Right side at Even turns

95 + 55 + 25 = 175hits, if non of your units’ HP drops below that you survive. I also suggest that you just use a Normal Attack nuke here since there’s no UBB punishment for this stage.

(x16 speed for the video because I hate long vids. Normal speed on cutscenes, I love cutscenes)

Battle 2 – BALMEDIA
Have multiple parts, core is virtually invulnerable. Battle ends if parts die. A certain part have damage reflect but is negligible. Single target attacks and 2 Turn LS lock on 1 random unit per turn. You can survive even with LS locks so just nuke him. You can freely use your UBB here as well.

Battle 3 – Draegar
Have multiple parts (takes only 1 dmg), deals damage to core when ?
Turn 1 – LS LOCK + 98% HP reduction + Heal reduction

100%~75% HP
– no UBB punishment yet but takes 1 damage
– 3m damage to self (3%) every turn
– Barrier every 3 turns (active on turns 3, 6, 9, 12. Lasts for 1 turn.)
– AoE then attacks unit with highest HP per turn

72%~30% HP
– Removes LS Lock and HP related reductions from Turn 1
– Takes normal damage BUT buffwipes upon UBB use (UBB AI remains)
– “Hahaha! Fools!” – AoE + 3 turn LS Lock + DoT (used every 3 turns)
“No more games!” – ST on 2 units that have the current highest HP (3 units if DRAEGAR is less 50% HP)

Less 30% HP
– Activates Barrier then idles (use XENON UBB here)
Battle ends after 2 turns but you’ll survive because of 100% UBB Miti

Want me to make more vid like this? Drop me a message or if you’re kind enough, donate! (Monster Hunter World ugggh!!)

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Alza Masta’s Epic Final Boss Battle – Valdroar’s 2nd EX Dungeon (Brave Frontier)

This video is about the 2nd EX dungeon for the new 3rd arc map Valdroar VS Alza Masta. Need to do this with lv100 summoner art as you will need certain UBB to clear this easier. Watch more about how I did it in this video. Want to buy PC/PS3/PS4 games? Use this link to support this channel :
Enjoy! 😀

#BraveFrontier #BFGLobal #BFJP #BFUshi
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3rd Arc Tips – How To Raise Summoner Effectively & This July’s Updates (Brave Frontier Global)

It’s been a while for a 3rd arc tips video and I think now is kinda perfect to make one, based on this July’s events. Enjoy the video! 😀

#BraveFrontier #BFGLobal #BFJP #BFUshi
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