Bubble Shooter 2017 – Android Games

Download Free for Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sfeehha.Bubble0622

Pop all the bubbles to get to a new level, making connections of 3.
Shoot bubble also has colorblind mode for those who can’t distinguish colors.
– shoot bubble base on time ,the bubbles will go down, and nonstop, so you quickly and so fast to get many score base time, if you don’t die.
– 100+fun levels of saga puzzles, shoot bubble base on level.

Bubble Shooter for Android

Play the popular Bubble Shooter game now.
It is free to play, no signup needed. Pop those bubbles in your browser right now.

Download from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bubbledragon.bubleshooter

Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them dissapear and score points.
The more bubbles you shoot at once the more points you get.
You win if all bubbles are shot, if there are only a few lines left you can shoot away colors by making groups of the last balls, if there are no balls with a specific color are left they don’t come back!

The game Bubble Shooter probably got this famous as it is very intuitive and easy to learn.
Some notes on the rules and how to control the game:
The aim of Bubble Shooter is to collect as many points as possible.
To get points you need to destroy the colored bubbles.
In order to burst those bubbles you need to row/connect at least three bubbles of the same color.

In the bottom center of the gaming window you will find an arrow.
You can change to direction this arrow points to with your computer mouse.
Every time you click the left mouse button you will fire a new bubble to the current direction of the arrow.

Tipps & Hints
Everytime you shot 6 new bubbles, a new row of bubbles will be added to the top.
The game ends if a ball reaches the bottom border.
You can use the left and right border to bounce new balls in more advanced angles.
Bubbles which get seperated from the rest, will burst aswell.
In the lower left side you will the see the upcoming bubble.
There is no “final end” in Bubble Shooter – the goal is to collect as many points as possible.

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Catapult King: Bubble Shooter – Zuma Classic for Android

Download here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fluke_intertainment.bubble_shooter.treasure_island.puzzle_games.zuma_deluxe.catapult_king.free.arcade for free!
Catapult King: Bubble Shooter Quest – one of the best casual bubble shooter 2017 game for family!
If you like puzzle games, zuma revenge and zuma deluxe – welcome for fun!

Explore magic treasure island and discover many joyful and colorful levels of puzzle quest. Smash all the balls and solve the puzzles to unlock unique bonuses and power-ups. Try to get 3 stars on every level and will be the best in the Zuma World!

Google Play Games – earn XP and level up as you master games across Google Play. Complete challenges, earn awards, and track them all right from the app. Then, see how you stack up against other players.

Bubble shooter quest goes on mobile phones and tablets. You can play the ball shooter free with no Wi-Fi or 3G internet.

🏐 Classic-style ball shooter zuma classic games genre;
🏐 No internet connection required to play – you can play offline;
🏐 Interesting game modes and many challenging levels;
🏐 The best of time killers games;
🏐 Achievements & World Leaderboards in Google Play Games;
🏐 Amazing graphics, excite animation and beautiful music;
🏐 Friendly user interface and one-touch game control;
🏐 Timekiller games for all – for children and adults;

✔ Get Catapult King: Bubble Shooter now from Google Play
✔ Shooting to match three or more colored balls. Switch colors!
✔ Enjoy the best ball shooter games and share to friends!

VK: https://vk.com/public118531630
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Fluke_Entertain

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Top 5 Bubble shooter game of Android and IOS in 2017

Top 5 Bubble shooter game of Android and IOS in 2017
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Bubble Shooter – free bubble puzzle game (iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle Fire)

FREE DOWNLOAD for iPhone/iPad/Android/Mac/Win7/XP/Vista: http://absolutist.com/iphone/bubble_shooter/?ref=youtube&v=tVkcVaK5F8U
Bubble Shooter is an extremely addictive match three game. You’ll spend hours exploding bubbles on your iPhone. Playing the game is really easy: shoot at like-colored bubbles to make them pop. When you miss to burst bubbles a number of times the row moves down. It means that you get double amount of bubbles and, of course, more fun! Bounce marbles with similar colors line-by-line until anything is left. Explode all of them and collect the most high score. And be sure, this is totally fun and addictive.
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