Bus Simulator Indonesia #9 ACCIDENTS! – Bus Game Android gameplay #busgames

Bus Simulator Indonesia #9 – Bus Game Android gameplay #busgames
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Download ANDROID : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maleo.bussimulatorid

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Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) will let you experience what it likes being a bus driver in Indonesia in a fun and authentic way. BUSSID might not be the first one, but it’s probably one of the only bus simulator games with the most features and the most authentic Indonesian environment.

Below are some of Bus Simulator Indonesia top features:

– Design your own livery
– Very easy and intuitive control
– Authentic Indonesian cities and places
– Indonesian Buses
– Cool and fun honks
– “Om Telolet Om!” (Uncle, honk your horn, uncle! https://www.wsj.com/articles/honk-it-up-uncle-indonesias-bus-horns-capture-global-attention-1482399670)
– High quality and detailed 3D graphics
– No obstructive ads while driving
– Leaderboard
– Data saved online

With the release of Bus Simulator Indonesia in 2017, this is only the beginning, we have been and will always be updating the game and improving players experience. So, what are you waiting for? Download and play Bus Simulator Indonesia now!

BeamNG drive – Can We Push An Airplane & School Bus From The Cliff With Cars ?

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LTT Nerf War : SEAL X Warriors Nerf Guns Fight Criminal Group Rescue Star Wars

LTT Nerf War : SEAL X Warriors Nerf Guns Fight Criminal Group Rescue Star Wars

LTT nerf war Brings to you by the nerf guns film ! In this Nerf war, the SWAT SEAL X team is the main character to use Nerf guns along with many new skills to fight in a Nerf battle for criminal groups. Sign up for more Nerf videos!
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nerf world war 2 family friendly
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Car Crash & Demolition Arena (by Gamonaut 3D Games) Android Gameplay [HD]

In Car Crash & Demolition Arena Game fight & drive to survive, smash and crash all the cars! Yours and opponents – does not matter as long as you’ll do most injury attainable. Sounds fun?

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamonaut.carcrash3d

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With Car Crash & Demolition Arena Gameplay attempt the car Crash & Demolition machine and see however you prefer creating extreme destruction in exciting very little car wreck wars. it is a game associated with demolition chapeau and car war games nevertheless quite distinctive by itself.

It’s one thing not advocate doing in world, however hey – that is why games exist, right? Survival mode within which you are collection coins for in game money by athletics round the level. Avoid AI cars as they are nearly indestructible. There is a ten minute limit for this chapeau athletics mode. Are you able to reach the limit?

Tank Hunt mode – within which you are shooting down alternative cars with a tank. Awesome! Right? During this mode you are the indestructible one and since it’s just for fun – you wish to search out alternative cars and crash them. Relish the nice demolition effects once you hit cars with a projectile.

Cars is run over or shot down with a strong auto-aim turret gun. Also, ten minute limit, therefore see what quantity are you able to crush throughout that point. Crash Arena mode in Car Crash & Demolition Arena is even additional fun: it’s you against up to five AI opponents at same time during a classic demolition chapeau athletics battle.

Who can survive during this extreme wreckage? This mode is total war! You’ll even set what percentage opponents you would like to require at same time. I might play you however we are able to never outsmart Car Crash & Demolition Arena AI opponents, however build no mistake – they’re set to hunt you down and cannot stop till destroyed.

Car physics in Car Crash & Demolition Arena game is realistic enough to confirm that simulation of crashes and destruction is completed very nice – you’ll injury car slightly or plenty, and build its half fall off and fly around if you bump the car arduous enough. Fun.

All high scores all told destruction chapeau modes are going to be submitted to leaderboards mechanically if you log into Google Play Games upon game begin, of course, creating it additional fun to vie against alternative players. Who’s the final word car crash warrior?

You have twelve cars to play with and half dozen maps to battle in Car Crash & Demolition Arena, therefore relish demolition wars and sensible luck! Download now, rejoice comment and let me recognize your thoughts concerning game within the reviews.

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Thank you guys for watching – DroidGameplaysTV

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Multi Floor Garage Driver Sport Car – Car Driving Simulator 3D – Android Gameplay

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Game Developer : http://www.playwithgames.com

Prepare for the ultimate driving and parking exercise! The new Multi Floor Garage Parking Game is bigger and better than everything that came before! With elaborate, complex parking lots and a huge, detailed outdoor environment, the challenge is here to keep you engaged for a long time!

▶ MULTIPLE INTRICATE PARKING LOTS: Explore highly challenging Multi Floor structures
▶ 10 VARIED CARS TO DRIVE: Sports cars, muscle cars, vans, SUVs and more!
▶ 50 CHALLENGING MISSIONS: Obstacle courses, parking lot mazes, outdoor driving tests and more
▶ FREE ROAM MODE: Explore the whole elaborate map at your own pace

The time has come for you to buckle up and prove your skills as a driver in a Multi Floor Parking Game! Crowded and complex parking lots, underground obstacle courses and city streets bursting with traffic – all of this and more awaits to challenge you. The authentic environment will keep you interested and engaged as you complete all of the tasks put before you with speed and efficiency.

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Paw Patrol on the Playmobil school bus. PJ Masks, Save a school bus from ghost.

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PJ Masks Romeo has packed a ghost on the school bus ~
Paw Patrol must rescue the school bus.
Shall we let go of the ghost?

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