Cara Membuat Widget Keren Di Android Dengan Zooper Widget Pro – Xiaomi

cara membuat widget keren dengan zooper widget pro.



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Tonton juga:

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music by ncs_Catoon on on

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How to get all Pixel 2 Widgets on any android

Pixel 2 has been officially launched yesterday and it’s sensational. But not all of us are in a condition to have a “hands-on” it.
Therefore I have created some zooper widgets that exactly look same as in official pixel 2 commercial.
Here are the downloadables
◾Pixel 2 Event (A widget that shows events of your calendar)-
◾Pixel 2 Date & Weather-
◾Pixel 2 Search Bar-
If you see a “?” sign when applying weather widget for the first time, don’t panic. Just go to zooper widget app and tap on configure widget, there choose that specific widget which could be named as Widget 12 or something… then scroll down and find Force update, tap it and your problem should be solved.
If you haven’t installed zooper yet, download it from here. You’ll thank me 😉
◾Google Now Weather icon pack-
◾Wanna make your homescreen like Pixel 2? Here’s some nice stuff for ya-
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cara membuat video tulisan tangan unik di android – SPARKOL VIDEOSCRIBE ANDROID

thanks for watching

gimana bro tutorial cara membuat video tulisan tangan di android ini, cukup mudah kan..

jangan bosen bosen mampir ke sini
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sampai jumpa di video tutorial ane selanjutnya


alat tempur silahkan di comot:

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download videoscribe (google drive):

az screen recorder

kinemaster pro

Mau Minta di buatin buat ucapan ulang tahun, ucapan anniversary, buat nembak si Doi, Atau sekedar mau tanya tanya soal videoscribe silahkan ke sosmed sy, fb/ig jngan lupa follow dulu sosmed sy hehe.. link sosmed ada di tentang channel sy..

Ig : @ahyar_007
Fb : Ahyar Arjo

link error lapor gan!!


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Cara Edit Manipulation MiniPeople Art by Picsart Android

Balik Lagi di Mytakesilo dalam editing tutorial manipulation minipeople dengan style unik.

Mytakesilo kali ini bikin editing tutorial yang lumayan simple dan tidak rumit , harapanku semoga kalian bisa mengikuti dan mempraktekan dengan lancar dan tanpa ada kendala sama sekali.


Follow social media MYtakesilo :

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Twitter :

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How to customize your Android smartphone (2017)

The best and the easiest way to customize your Android smartphone with beautiful wallpapers, widgets and shortcuts. Change how your Android smartphone looks with simple to understand quick and easy steps.

In this video, I’m going to tell you how to personalize and completely customize your Android smartphone experience. I will also tell you how to use Zooper Widgets and how to use Nova Launcher to help you organize your smartphone better, make it more useful, add more utility and at the same time make it look gorgeous.

To be able to do this, you’ll need a couple of apps, most of which are free except for the icon pack which is for $1.99. But don’t worry, you can choose from amongst the free ones too and I’ve a list of them below.

Step 1: Install Nova Launcher (

Nova Launcher allows you to customize your smartphone, personalize your homescreen, apply or change your icons, adds more utility to your smartphone, lets you use gestures to launch apps or shortcuts, can help you change your grid size, change how your folders look and behave, allows you to change home-screen transitions and so much more.

Step 2: Download some interesting icon packs. (Project X icon pack:

Some of my favourite icon packs:

Graby Spin ($ 0.99):
Moonrise (free):
Mellow Dark UI ($ 1.99):
Whirls (free):
Rondo (free):

Step 3: Install a beautiful wallpaper app

There are some amazing wallpaper apps. But some of my favourite ones are:

Fondo 4K Wallpapers:
Sublime Stills:

Step 4: Install Zooper widget ( and Ghosty Zooper widget pack (

Download wallpaper:

Step 5: Customize
This is where your creativity really makes all the difference. While I’m going to show you steps for this particular homescreen setup, but you can customize completely the way you want to.

The royalty-free music used in this video is ‘Back To The Stars’ by Nazar Rybak.
(, licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”. I have given credit for the use of this music at the end in the video description.
Here is a link to the terms of the license:

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