Changing Your Google Assistant Voice – Changing Your Google Home Voice

Changing Your Google Assistant Voice – Changing Your Google Home Voice

Changing the Google Assistant’s voice on your Google Home is incredibly easy now that Google has released their 6 new voices. They have a total of 8 voices that you can change to on your Google Home or Android device with Google Assistant. If you’re asking how to change Google Assistant’s voice on your Google Home, then this video is for you!

The 6 new Google Assistant voices were announced during Google I/O 2018. They all come from a pretty similar sound, but they’re all distinct and it’s fun to try the different ones. For myself, I’ve landed back on the original female Google Assistant voice but I do use one of the others on occasion.

In order to change your Google Assistant voice, you’ll need an Android 6.0 or greater device, an iOS 10.0 or greater device, or a Chromebook. Without one of those and the Google Home app (as well as using the English US language), you won’t be able to change the Google Home voice to any of the 6 new voices.

Half of the voices are male, and half of the voices are female. You can also change anytime you’d like and there’s no repercussions or benefits to choosing any of the voices.

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Google Home New Updates and New Features for June 3 2018

Google Home New Updates and New Features for June 3 2018 plus, a Google Home Giveaway

The Google Home, the Google Home Mini, and the Google Assistant have all had significant updates in the last week. There are all kinds of new Google Home features in 2018, and this week is no different. Enjoy my latest video detailing all of the new updates and new features for Google Home in and around June 3, 2018.

First up is the discussion about Continued Conversations for Google Home and Google Assistant. Many of you on the channel have been asking about when some of these new features that were announced during Google I/O 2018 will come out. Well, Continued Conversations is almost ready and has been released as part of the latest beta.

The Google Home app now has a reservations tab. Reservations are tied together with Google Payments through your Google Assistant, and Google Home reservations allow you to pay for subscriptions, goods and services, and to (of course) make reservations. Personally, I can see this moving more and more towards having app makers be able to ask you to pay for a service or a subscription through this functionality.

Google Home can now fire a gun, or really, pull on something physically. There’s now a video circulating on the internet where Google Home fires a gun. The builder uses what I think is a Wemo switch along with some electromagnets and a power cord to accomplish the task. It’s well thought out, but I’m not in love with the idea for sure.

The Schlage Sense Deadbolt is a smart home lock. Schlage and Google Home hadn’t worked together in the past, but you can now use the two in combination (Google Home with Schlage) to lock your door or get the status of your lock. Last week, we saw the Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo device get the unlock functionality, so I’d expect that to show up on Google Home very soon as well.

Netatmo cameras (Presence and Welcome versions) now can work with your Google Home and Google Chromecast. Those devices can be displayed on your Chromecast capable TV or device and you can also turn on the floodlight on the Presence model. That’s great functionality between Google Home and Netatmo.

If you use Google Assistant or Google Home, it’s likely you use YouTube as well. In fact, if you’re watching this video, then it’s likely you’ve also heard of the YouTube Premium service. That service is gaining momentum, but still has a long ways to go with the likes of Netflix out there. In any case, the newest YouTube Premium series is called Impulse, and you can watch the entire first episode by asking your Google Home to “talk to impulse”. You’ll also need the password “Henry” to get the link to the first episode sent to you.

If you live in Canada, then you know the Swiss Chalet brand. You’ve also probably ordered online before. However, today you can now use your Google Assistant to order Swiss Chalet. Google Home updates are right behind, and you’ll be able to pay for your order, copy your last order, or complete a new order using Google Home and Swiss Chalet’s integration.

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Orion Labs Onyx – Smart Walkie Talkie – Unbox, Full Setup, and How to Use

Orion Labs Onyx – Smart Walkie Talkie – Unbox, Full Setup, and How to Use

Onyx by Orion is a relatively new business automation and home automation device. It’s intended as a communication device for teams, but it’s capable of so much more. The Onyx device is something we identified on Automate Your Life a few weeks ago in one of our New Home Automation Products and New Smart Home Features videos found here in our playlist:

Essentially, the Onyx device is a Bluetooth Walkie Talkie for iPhone or Android phones or tablets. They look like a Star Trek Communicator badge to me, and they’re a ton of fun.

The Onyx devices use your cell phone’s connection to either 3G or LTE in order to create instantaneous communication to other users of the Onyx device. They act as a smart radio, with an incredible amount of capability for controlling your smart home or your smart business.

In this video, I get the pair of Onyx devices I received from Orion Labs ( unboxed and then prepared for setup. From there, I fully set these up on two separate iPhones (you could use an Android device, or even a tablet), and get everything connected and working.

In the end, I show you how to use the Onyx devices and how they can be used to communicate with your team, or even your family.

Now you should stay tuned because I’m going to continue with this series related to the Onyx devices. They’re going to be integrated into my home automation system, as well as into my business.

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Mount Genie Google Home Mini Mounts & New Smart Home Shelf Review

After my last Google Home Mini mount review many of you requested that I try out the Dot Genie Mini Back Pack mount and other Mount Genie mounts. Today I will reviewill be reviewing all the Google Home Mini mounts from Mount Genie and a brand new Smart Home Shelf for smart speakers and more!

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Google Home and IFTTT – 10 Ways to Extend Google Home’s Capabilities

Google Home and IFTTT – 10 Ways to Extend Google Home’s Capabilities

Google Home and Google Home Mini are great smart home devices, and they’re constantly getting new updates and new features in 2018. However, you can use IFTTT (If This Then That) to extend Google Home and Google Assistant’s functionality.

You can use Google Home to trigger applets or recipes in IFTTT in order to make a number of different things happen. These aren’t all about controlling your home, but they can all help you with automating your life.

1. Find Your Phone with Google Home and IFTTT – You can find your iPhone or Android Phone with IFTTT and Google Home. The applet I use calls my phone when I ask Google Home to find the phone.

2. Make a List and Send it at the End of the Day – Over a day, you can use Google Home or Google Home Mini to log items in a list. At the end of the day, IFTTT will email you the whole list. You can use this for reminders, lists of items, or even things like the time you went into work and then left.

3. Social Media Posting with Google Home and IFTTT – You can use IFTTT and then your Google Home to post to social meda. I do this with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. From there, I use the IFTTT functionality to post to other social media platforms as I see fit. I also use this capability to trigger social media posts after YouTube videos are published.

4. Control Your Home with Google Home (extended) – You can control devices not yet available for control on your Google Home. You can do this through IFTTT and then your Google Home will be capable of controlling those devices. You can also cause a trigger of a flow in another Smart Home application like Stringify.

5. Manage Internet Time with Google Home and IFTTT – Circle by Disney is a device used by a lot of parents to manage their child’s internet time. You can use Google Home and IFTTT to turn your internet on and off, when used in conjunction with Circle.

6. Manage Your Health with Google Home – Use IFTTT and Google Home to log your weight with FitBit, log your meal with Jawbone UP, and many other health-based activities. Personally, I’ve done the same thing with Strava. I can go from Google Home to Strava with my weight.

7. Lock/Unlock Doors with Google Home and IFTTT – This is a capability not allowed with just Google Home and Samsung SmartThings. However, with IFTTT, you can extend your voice control over your locks. This is a major improvement on functionality.

8. Manage Your Calendar with Google Home – Sure, you can do a bit of this with Google Home already, but IFTTT extends this system. You can use either Google Calendar, iOS, or a few other calendar applications through IFTTT and therefore, through your Google Home.

9. Get new Triggers or Actions – IFTTT publishes new triggers or actions on their platform. They do this whenever a new one has been completed. The Google Assistant on IFTTT is no different, and you can get emails every time a new one is published. This keeps you up to date and IFTTT will also send you new recipes to try when new actions or triggers are published.

10. Trigger a Workflow with Google Home – You can do this with Stringify or Workflow. You can trigger workflows in many applications, but I use this primarily with Stringify. The reason this is so powerful is because Stringify has access to devices and applications that Google Home and IFTTT both don’t.

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Google Home Mini Review – 6 Months Later

A review of the Google Home Mini after 6 months of use, the features that make it stand out against the competition as well as a comparison of how it stands up to Google’s other smart speakers.

Links mentioned in our video:
• Pairing Bluetooth speakers to Google Home devices:

• Google Home – 6 Months Later Review:

• Google Home Max Review:

• Google Home features update playlist:

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The black Amazon Echo Dot (second generation) sitting idle on a wood surface.

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