Chicken Scream Android Game 2017

Chicken Scream Android Game 2017- Top 5 Reason People will Love it
Chicken Scream Android Game is one of best game so far I have played today because of its great voice feature?

Voice Feature?

Sounds Crazy?

Well as Game name says Chicken Scream, its make clear that there is a connection between chicken and Scream.

What is Chicken Scream Voice Feature?
You can play this game with your voice. In this game, you will see a chicken, but chicken will move according to your voice.


When you speak or scream Louder, it will make chicken jump, and when you just use steady voice, it will move like a snake.

So this is all about Fun, just scream to make him pass the stages.

It was soo fun when I played first ever chicken scream game.

Lol, my Parents though I m mad because I was screaming so loud.

This is one of the best game, I have ever played so you must install this game and Make your scream louder. Don’t forget to share your experience.

Chicken-Scream-Android-Game Chicken Scream Android Game 2017- Top 5 Reason People will Love it

Why will People Love Chicken Scream Game?
I think this is the first time I saw any game controlled by voice. So it’s fun to pass stages with your voice tunes.
Sometimes you have to scream louder and sometimes not.
Game Graphics are very clean.
The game is not so heavy so you can play on any mobile.
Chicken scream Game is also Available for IOS users.
Even a child of one year can play this game by screaming. Lol, Bad idea?
I think I have explained enough, I hope you all will like this Game so what are you waiting for just install this Craziest Funny Game Chicken Scream.

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Intense Voice Controlled chicken scream game

This game should be titled HOW TO LOSE YOUR VOICE
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