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10 Things You Did Not Know What They Are

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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32 Secret Combinations on Your Keyboard

Have you ever thought how many secrets are hidden inside of your computer? We collected all the secret keyboard tricks you probably didn’t know about (for Windows and OS X).

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beats to relax/study to relaxing beats to study/chill

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For certain you all know the story of Isaac Newton: he was sitting under a tree, and an apple fell on his head, and after that he immediately discovered the law of universal gravitation. But there’re places on the Earth where this law actually doesn’t work. In today’s video, we’re gonna tell you about the 5 mysterious places on our planet, where at first sight there’s absolutely no gravity. Ready to learn something new?

Channel: #Mind Warehouse
Published: 2017-11-18 08:36:23
Duration: 5M47S
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Demopolis Lock Whirlpools!

The second video with some explainations!

Video of Demopolis Lock filling it’s chamber with water so a boat can be locked going upstream. These whirlpools are formed on the river that runs near Demopolis, Alabama. These are NOT naturally occurring whirlpools and instead occur because large pipes under the water suck water into the area behind me (not seen in video until I turn to walk off the bridge/platform area, it’s the place to the left) and fill it with water so boats can easily navigate the river without having to load/unload boats onto higher/lower areas all the time.

I wanted to record the entirety of this video because I never knew what a whirlpool looked like when it was forming. Honestly, I think that’s the most interesting part – not the fact that they are A) So big B) TWO of them and C) THEY ARE SPINNING OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS. 😀

This video is meant for educational purposes. Teachers: Go ahead, use it in class. I know I’ve already had a couple of my high school teachers want to show it in class and I gave them the go ahead. I’d prefer if people not to reproduce this video content unless they are making an educational video in which this is being used as an example.

Have fun guys and gals, and I hope that this is a better description than was here before.

Channel: Berry Cannon
Published: 2011-07-08 06:18:56
Duration: 8M38S
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