‘Clear all’ button is back in task view of Android P

‘Clear all’ button is back in task view of Android P

The previous version of the Android P developer’s preview was missing the “Clear all” button in the task viewer.
Luckily, the button is back in the newest update, Android P developer’s preview 3.
Dave Burke, the VP of Engineering for Android, promised the button would be back in May, and held up to that promise.

Android 9.0 P Preview 3: What’s New?

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Android P Developer Preview 3: Features to Expect!!!

Android P Developer Preview 3 is Coming Next Week.. Here are the features you should Expect from this new DP3 Android P.

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Top 9 Phones of 2017!?

Top 9 2017 phones! Please watch the video and buy them ! Please Like and Subscribe
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Android P Beta on the OnePlus 6

See how an early beta version of Android P looks on the OnePlus 6

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Google Launches Android P Developer Preview 3, Final Release to Debut in August

Google Launches Android P Developer Preview 3, Final Release to Debut in August
Google Launches Android P Developer Preview 3, Final Release to Debut in August

Google released today the third and last planned Android P Developer Preview for Pixel devices, as well as top smartphones from its partners. Coming less than a month after the second Developer Preview, the Android P Developer Preview 3 (API Level 28) is now available to install on supported devices dedicated to development and testing of Android applications for Google’s upcoming Android P a.k.a. Android 9 mobile operating system. The Android P Developer Preview 3 includes finalized APIs and SD…

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