Closing android application by swiping them away is benefical or detrimental ? SHOULD I SWIP APPS ?

Constantly closing apps by swiping them away could have a harmful effects on your phone.
Don’t close android application.
Closing android application by swiping them away is benefical or detrimental ?
Don’t use task killer.
Don’t use task cleaner.

1.closing the android application is harmful or not ?
2. Is it good to swip android application ?
3.should i stop closing android application?
4.Tips to save your android battery
5.How to save android battery ?
6.Stop using task killer.
7.stop using task cleaner.
8.Should i have to close android application?
9.How to make your andoid device faster ?

How to Fix Auto Closing App Issue in Android Phone

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How to Hack Into Anyone’s iPhone/Samsung! Works for iOS, Android

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Close Background Application On Huawei Phones – Stop Android Apps From Running In The Background

First you need to activate “Developer Option”. Go to Settings/About Phone. Find the entry with the Build number and start tapping on the “Build number section”. Now is enabled Developer Options, open and go to Running services. My phone is Huawei P9.

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Fix weather gadget Windows 7 2015

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How to show running app in lollipop and marshmallow
Check running processes in Android marshmallow
Huawei P9 (Lite): How to enable the developer options?
10 cool things you can do with Huawei P9 lite!
Unlock Bootloader Root Huawei P9, Huawei P9 Lite

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How To Automatically Close Apps On Back Button Press In Android

How To Automatically Close Apps On Back Button Press In Android

How To automatically close apps As Soon As You Exit From Them by pressing back button In Your Android Device:- Do you always complain that your smart phone is not smart enough to save up its battery? Or do you find a degradation in your smart phone’s performance in recent days? All these could very well be because of the applications that run in your phone’s background. These applications could be eating up your phone’s battery life and degrading its performance. But there is definitely a way out. You can choose to destroy any activity as soon as you exit from them. Dive into the article to learn all about this simple trick.


Long press on the home icon to see the recent list of applications that you opened. All these applications are running in the background consuming the battery power and the CPU space. Follow the steps given below to destroy activities as soon as you exit from them.
Note: Based on your phone’s UI(User Interface) and settings, you might have to press a different button to view the recently opened applications.

Launch the Settings applications by clicking on its icon.


The Settings application launches.


Scroll all the way down until you find the option About Phone. If you can view the option Developer options right above the About Phone option, then you can skip this step and step 5 and straight away go to step 6. Else, click on the About Phone option.


Under the About Phone settings, scroll down and find the option Build number. Tap on it continuously for 4-5 times. Now you will get a toast message saying that you’re a developer. Hit the back button.


Now press the back key. Now, you will be able to see the Developer options option right above the About phone option. Click on it to view the Developer Settings.


Scroll down and find the section Apps. Under the Apps section, check the checkbox corresponding to the option Don’t keep activities. If this checkbox is checked, then as soon as you as you leave an activity, it will be destroyed.


You can also limit the number of processes that can run in the background. For that, click on the option Background process limit.


You can choose the radio button corresponding to the option No background process, if you do not want any background processes to run in the background. You can go for other options as well, as per your preference.

Start saving your battery and CPU power without any additional software from today itself. Hope you found the article useful. If you have any doubts, please feel free to leave comments, we would be happy to help. Stay tuned for more useful tips, tricks, and hacks. Meanwhile, you could check out our article on the topic View App history In Android Even If Someone Cleared Them.

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Steve Jobs PISSED OFF moments (1997-2010)

Steve Jobs is known for his tantrums and thunderous personalty… in private. In front of a large public he usually looks enjoyable and composed. But sometimes he lets the cat out … just a little.

00:00. “Camera” Macworld NY (2001)
00:18. “WiFi” WWDC ’10 (2010)
02:24. “SOB liar” All Things D8 (2010)
03:18. “Pissed off” All Things D8 (2010)
03:34. “Flash #1” Macworld SF (1997)
03:41. “Flash #2” WWDC ’98 (1998)
03:47. “Flash #3” Macworld NY (1998)
03:55. “Phones” Back to Mac (2010)

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