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Welcome to complete Android O development with Java and build 10 apps. A one stop course that will walk you through with Android App development concepts. The goal of this course is to make you ready as an Android App developer so that you can make your dream app or can apply as Jr. Android App developer. Also by the end of this course, you will have 10 apps as a portfolio so that it becomes easier for you to appear in top during your interview process.

Here is a list of apps that you will be building:

1. Glow bulb Idea App

2. Snakes and Ladder App


4. Patatap Clone – Music App

5. Learn Spanish numbers

6. Reminder App

7. Weather App

8. Mark Wonders on Map App

9. Todo App

10. Google Firebase Login

11. Custom Firebase Image Uploader


Top 5 programming language to learn 2017

Here is a list of top 5 programming language to learn in 2017.
Learn iOS10 and iOS app development:

Learn python 3:

Learn Javascript and complete front end development:

Check out the latest list of top programming language to learn in 2017


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Dreamweaver – Is it good for beginners
dreamweaver is a software by Adobe that can help you to speed up your work. But is it a good software for beginners, i don’t think so. Beginners usually find it very confusing and feels lost into the software. This is a software for advance users and people who wants to speed up their work flow. At a beginner stage I recommend to go the hard way, get started with IDE like Atom or Sublime text.


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Understanding logic of TIC TAC TOE app for android development
In this video we will make a simple TIC TAC TOE game. This is part 1 of the game. We will first understand logic of game and will work on layout part in next video.

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Android Lifecycle methods

When ever you create android application, there are a few modes from which every application passes through. These phases can have some code to be executed when application enters or exists from these phases. These are know as life cycle methods. We will learn about these lifecycle methods of android like onCreate, onPause onResume methods in this video.


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