Contact Form Design Tutorial for Android Apps

Contact Form Design Tutorial for Android Apps

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This tutorial describes how to use android widgets to create a form in android app, through the following steps:

1) we create a new project in an android studio with new project wizard and choose empty activity form the wizard in our project.
2) we go to activity_main.xml file, and we add one textview with “android form” text.
3) then, we add three EditText widgets each one with the following hints: “Name”, “Email” and “Phone”.
4) after that we add a TextView widget with text “Your Message” and blew it we add an EditText widget.
6) after that we add a button with text “Submit” on it.
5) Finally we deploy and run the app to the android emulator.


1- EditText: A user interface element for entering and modifying text. When you define an edit text widget, you must specify the TextView_inputeType attribute. For example, for plain text input set inputType to “text”.
2- TextView: A user interface element that displays text to the user.
3- Button: A user interface element the user can tap or click to perform an action.

The source code is available at

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Contact Form Design Tutorial for Android Apps

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