This video explains in details how to onboard an Android project purely written in java to a kotlin project. This onboarding process inter mingle the java class with a kotlin class for a superior user experience.

Android studio 3 – Create hello world App in Kotlin

In this video, you will get the first look at Android Studio 3. Also, I will walk you with steps to configure android studio properly for Kotlin App development.
We will create a simple hello world app. When you will tap on a button it will say hello world in a toast.

Simple but effective way to setup kotlin in android studio 3 for kotlin


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2- Android Kotlin: Tic Tac Toe|| Get selected cell

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How to Convert Android Java Project to Kotlin Language 2017

easy steps to convert android java project to kotlin.
how to convert java project to kotlin step by step.
how to convert existing java project to kotlin language step by step.
convert java project to kotlin in android studio.
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Add Kotlin to Android Studio Project

This is a tutorial on How to add Kotlin support to existing or new Android Studio project.

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Android Kotlin: Introduction to Android Studio and FizzBuzz

Android development is a lot of fun in my opinion. The Android Studio IDE along with the Kotlin language make it a very enjoyable experience. In today’s video, let’s go over some of the basics of the Android Studio Editor along with some simple Kotlin language syntax by implementing the FizzBuzz algorithm using a for loop. Enjoy.

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