Costomize Your Android Phone in 2017 | Best Launcher, Wallpaper, Widget App| Xiaomi Mi Redmi Note 4

Costomize Your Android Phone in 2017 | Best Launcher, Wallpaper, Widget App,| Xiaomi Mi Redmi Note 4

Best Android Apps of February 2017 | Hindi | Game and Apps | With Redmi Note 4

Best Android Apps of February 2017 | Hindi | Game and Apps | With Redmi Note 4
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Customize Android Phone Home Screen And Make It Unique! 2016 |1


What’s going on guys, welcome back to ✯VMTECH✯
If you are a android user then definitely you like to customize your android, with the help of different application to make unique from other devices. If you are one of those who like to make your android look unique, then sit back, relax and watch the whole video ,and by the end of this video you will get a dope home screen .i know it’s a bit long video , it is just because I tried my level best to explain each customization works in an app. Just give a try.


Nova launcher : Free-
Zwart icon pack:
Zooper widget pro:
Min Zooper widget:


BGM Provided by You-Tube Audio Library
Title: Noble_Dub


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6 Best Apps To Customize Your Android Device

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Top 10 Best Android Themes (Customize your Android #2)

One of the best things about android is its customization. Here are 10 awesome themes for android devices

Link to launchers mentioned in the video:

Themer :
Buzz Launcher :

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Mail :
Twitter : @devcustomizer

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Top 5 Best Apps To Customize Your Android Phone

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Here is a list of 5 the best apps to customize your android.
Enjoy (◕‿◕)

Apps list :

Nova Launcher :
Zooper Widget Pro :
ZooperCollection :
CandyCons Icon Pack :
InsWall :
Sloth Launcher :


Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds:
Tobu – Life :

Stay Tuned ! For our next video.
Thanks For Watching ❤

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