Crazy Neighbor Survival Game – Android Gameplay HD

Crazy Neighbor is an epic adventure survival game, where the player has the task to get into crazy neighbor house and found that he is doing some suspicious activity, escape and do not get caught his eye. You want to know who is your crazy neighbor? All you know is that, he is super scary and mysterious. You tasks is to investigate your neighbor house without getting caught & escape safely. First, you have to enter into his house after finding the main entrance, and then perform various mission including hide & seek, find the thing to unlock the missions find the grave of his wife and then call the policeman. Beware of your neighbor presence. You have to spent hard time in his house & escape in this survival mission. Be cautious that he is up to something. That scary guy is super angry. If you get caught, you are done. Closely monitor the his movement in the map and avoided it. One mistake and you’ll be caught in this survival game.

You play as a normal man who lives in his house. He is constantly watching his neighbor and saw something strange. He is beating his wife. So you decided to find out what going on in crazy neighbor house. So he choose to enter in the house, but it’s no longer fun. You got a suspicious crazy neighbor, who is absolutely angry. Get inside and hide somewhere find the keys to unlock room find the pieces of map get them in order to find the hidden blood towel follow the particles find the grave of her wife then find the phone and call the police while he is around you, You were in the his house. He was far more dangerous than you think. Do not get caught in his eyes, or he will grab you and kill you like his wife. You need to search the house finding items to get out of this hot spot. Your task is to escape and destroy his plan in survival game. Enough not to be afraid of the dark and have the desire to test your strength, and the rest you will learn. Good luck in this Crazy Neighbor Survival Game.

Game Level consists Get inside the house & hide search the book and get the story. Find the bedroom keys search map to go to the grave search the phone & call the city police.

Russian Clown Robbery Master – Android Gameplay HD

Play this newest grand robbery master game and plot your runaway escape from city police. Seek revenge by killing cops and eliminate law enforcement for their cunning activities. Enjoy exciting robbery master mafia game. Sneak in the supermarket turn off the security cameras, grab the utility items while managing to escape from the guards in the Russian Clown Robbery Master. The Russian clown is on the move. This time in supermarket where the guards are standing in different positions. Manipulate the guards, use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape. Develop a plot to run from the superstore. But it’s not easy as the fierce guards aggressive wardens and the armed cops are after you. You only managed to find some simple attacking tools like baseball bat. Stealing is not easy especially when the things doesn’t really go the way you want. Sneaking in the corridors for escaping is very tough as the guards are continuously patrolling in supermarket. Now you need to win this crazy fight as mafia clown against city police duty officers. You need to reach the escape point at all cost to end each level. Prove yourself as best Russian mafia gangster squad member in this Russian Clown Robbery Master game.

Get ready to attack maximum security border police of city in supermarket escape 3D game. Rush to get out from the supermarket to fighting with security officers. Hit them hard using your weapons. Show extreme stealth clown gangster skills to sneak inside supermarket. Find out the tools hidden in the mart that might help you in fighting with the aggressive cops and guards. Russian Clown Robbery Master is all about street crime violence & stealing. Use it to kill the police men by hitting hard on their head and body. It’s time to use your mafia gangster skills and do whatever it takes to escape the arena. This game is all about making a safe mafia escape from the border police of mart. High security checks based on modern technology has made it even tougher to make a safer escape. Play the most thrilling grand bank robbery master action packed mafia game. Use your weapons in the best possible way to kill real police cops. Make your super moves to get rid of the cops in one go in this survival game!

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Mental Hospital Escape – Android Gameplay HD

Play escape games! Escape the prison! Sneak out of this mental asylum that is no less than a prison for the mentally sick prisoners. There are security cameras to monitor every move. Grab weapons to hit and kill security guards of this mental hospital. Escape to the city of gangsters. Avoid security camera. Give hard time to the mental asylum security guards. Win the crazy fight with city police duty officers. Dodge them. Don’t let the police car chase you till the exit point. You are the best gangster of the city. Making a safe prison escape from the mental hospital is all that you need to do. Its okay if you have to kill the police that border this crazy hospital in gangster this escape mission. Hit them hard with your weapons. Run for your life. Kill the guards before they kill you!

The modern technology high security checks and continuous patrolling of the guards can’t make it impossible for you to escape. Make a safer exit by sneaking in the mental asylum corridors. Find out the tools hidden in the crazy hospital that might help you in fighting with the aggressive cops and guards. Attack & Kill real police cops with weapons like a baseball bat. Make your super moves to get rid of the real police officer in one go in this asylum night escape survival game. You may steal the medicines to get more energy. Hide from the city border police in mental hospital. Breach the laws. Get pass the security cameras, fight with security officers and sneak in the hospital with extreme stealth gangster skills. Plan a proper plot to get rid of fierce guards, aggressive wardens and the armed cops. Use it to kill the policemen by hitting hard on their head and body. It’s time to use your gangster skills and wisdom and do whatever it takes to prison escape. Don’t waste your life in this torturing hell. Run to escape!

Mental hospital escape features:
√ Amazing 3D Mental Hospital Environment
√ Real Thrill of Escaping the hospital
√ Interesting Game Play
√ Different Combating Tools
√ Smooth and intuitive controls
√ Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
√ Thrilling and challenging Missions
√ Easy and fun to play

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Neighbor Murder Case – Android Gameplay HD

Neighbor Murder Case is an amazing offline free hidden object game, in which you have to solve murder case in your neighbor. Join the mystery society to solve a series of murder case of your neighbor in this captivating hidden object adventure game. The secret society has sought you out to join their prestigious team & help police in solving this murder case. Investigate crime scenes for hidden crime clues look for evidence to catch the criminal. Neighbor Murder Case is a free mystery game with the fun to take you to the mystery worlds where you can look for hidden objects with ease and entertainment! Find hidden objects to collect evidence, solve puzzles, put together clues and build your case against the criminal minds! In Neighbor Murder Case you have to find different hidden objects & clues. Each crime scene has 3 levels with different hidden object & clues, solve all 3 criminal scene and arrest the criminal. If you enjoy playing criminal mystery games and being a hidden object crime detective, it’s time for you to solve this murder case in your neighbor find hidden Objects on the gorgeous scenes which help you to get closer to unraveling. Become the best detective! Climb your way to the top as the greatest detective and help solve crimes & uncover the mystery.

If you are a detective or you have a CID officers types skill then solve the murder case catch the criminal and give justice to the innocent person. Use your skills of searching objects look for evidence and solve puzzles and criminal cases, leading to the trails of mysterious criminals. You will be help with forensics, investigate the clues and suspects to find the murderer and unveil the secrets and deceptions of those involved. Engage your concentration, perception, and quick fingers to find objects in the crime scene! If you like hidden object quest games, you have everything you need in our hidden objects world! So investigate stunning crime scenes, spot clues, analyze evidence, interrogate suspects and make the arrests! Step into the shoes of a detective and time to find your first clue So try your hand at investigating a murder and bring the criminal to justice just remember observation will be you key talent!

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Army Cargo Helicopter Airport – Android Gameplay HD

You are assigned to operate Army Cargo Helicopter, Its the most advanced heavy transport machinery and vehicles in the world, You are a custom weapon transporter in Army. Manage and control combat support services including cargo, personnel, battle tank, dangerous goods, warrior infantry missiles, fighting sniper shooter guns, fuel tanks and tactical arms to and from the battlefield and base headquarter. Experience the ultimate modern military cargo simulator game. Your survival is at stake. Save lives of innocent people, fulfill your duty. Your task is to load the world craft nation military helicopter with all the weapons, guns, bombing and armed equipment, deliver it to the war-ridden area and rush to the army airport. Use your driving skills to pilot the transport aircraft to the heroes warheads in Warfield in this cargo flight game. Do not smash your vehicle or crush people while you park it on the parking spot. Escape your crazy fears!

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Jungle Survival Hero Escape – Android Gameplay HD

Jungle Survival Hero Escape is a quest & adventure game where you craft your own destiny in a huge open forest environment. As a epic hero escape safely in jungle survival from wild animals & solve the secret of the secret of jungle & use everything you find to survive. Your helicopter crash while hunting in safari jungle, you don’t remember how you got to this jungle but now you’re stranded in the wild jungle. Surviving here will be no simple task. Play this jungle survival hero escape mission and get ready to find tools and resources that would help you in escaping. Jungle survival hero find cave & hunt down animals for food build shelter make fire fight and kill the animals that may attack you, kills & run fast in the jungle by making a super hit hero escape story.

Experience the full day-night cycle and face the dangers of darkness and cold. First you’ll need to find food hunt down rabbits. Survival on this wilderness is a tough challenge where you need to gather different resources likes woods stones axe and ropes and make your stay on the tropical forest safe and sound. Wild animals are roaming freely in the rain forest and are in hunt of prey be cautious and defend yourself from wilderness and other dangers. An extreme jungle adventure is waiting for you where you need to implement all possible and survival skills to successfully escape. Make a super hit hero escape story with your fighter skills to explore the forest wilderness carefully. You are pitched against bear, lion, elephant & crocodile hunt with your old trusty hunting rifle defending yourself from wild animals. You aim and you shoot, optionally using a rifle mounted scope to make the task easier. In a wilderness situation you will be confronted with many problems that you need to overcome. Stay alert and aim your target as quickly as possible. Think you have what it takes? Your jungle survival adventure is about to begin in this hero escape survival game.

You found yourself all alone in the jungle run wandering the fear. Your adventure is about to begin. The angry and hungry crocodile is always near you so you got to be careful attack & kill crocodile with knife. Gather resources from the harsh world to stay alive and expand your escape safely to create more place to live in! There are no signs of earth nearby. You see all kinds of animals in the forest rescue passing by that made you realize that you are the only survivor of helicopter cash. Clear all missions and make yourself survive in jungle and escape. Now you need to fight and struggle for your life if you want to survive!

Jungle Survival Hero Escape Features
Amazing 3D Jungle Environment
Interesting Game Play
Smooth and intuitive controls
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
Thrilling and challenging Missions
Hunt Rabbit, deer & zebra for food
Kill bear, lion elephant & crocodile
Save your stamina for forest rescue

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