Cubic Basketball 3D – New Game for Android

Cubic Basketball 3D – New Game for Android
Cubic Basketball 3D – basketball android made in the block diagram. In this game you will find yourself on the field, where your main task will be to score five goals in the basket of the enemy, to win the match. Forget all the usual rules of the game and you get ready for a dynamic matches where you press a button to control the athletes, score goals and make basketball jump. Throws balls in the basket and win matches. Play against the AI ​​or fight with your friends on the same device. Collect during a game many bonuses and gain and defeat the opponent.

Ninja War Lord – New Game for Android

Ninja War Lord – New Game for Android
Ninja War Lord – an android game where you take control of a brave ninja who must spend all the locations of the game. This game will take you to medieval Japan, which is ruled by a terrible man who had enslaved all the people. Your task will be to get into the lair of the enemy and destroy it, applying for this different arts and techniques. Follow the map, which will show you the path and silently sneak up on enemies and destroy them one by one. Use in combat in addition to their combat skills numerous weapons such as shuriken, sword and other bladed weapons. Go through all the exciting mission and help the local people to defeat the evil ruler.
A classic ninja fighting adventure from the tales of 14th century with Kung Fu action, Japanese fighting skills, attack, clash and run for survival. The story is about a Japanese warrior villain Kai Long trying to take over the villages and lands in North of Japan. The rival clans of Kai Long are fighting for invasions and power. They kill any villager who refuses to leave his land. We need an ultimate fighter to defeat the ally warriors & bring victory with his fighting skills and lethal strike to free our land. Chen Yu is a Ninja Spy & among the guardians-warriors of Town of Kyoto, the biggest town in Northern Japan. The dark shadow of enemy battles have taken over the entire city. Chen Yu needs to stop the assassin and defeat the titans. Chen Yu, after seeing the massacre in Northern Japan, informs Master Shienfu about the Kai Long monster army that is now heading this way. Master Shienfu does not want any clash on his empire so he plans to settle peacefully without any war. But Kai Long has evil plans. He has attacked the city and abducted Master Shienfu along with his daughter. There is fire everywhere in the town. Now its your turn to fight like a hero and free Master Shienfu from prison along with his daughter to save your city. An ultimate street fighting adventure! An epic Kung Fu Ninja Fighting adventure for fighting action lovers!

Kai Long has a huge powerful army of Samurai fighters equipped with turtle skin weapons to defend and attack the villagers. Legends say this city has always been brighter and happier. But the shadows of mutant darkness have taken over the entire city now. It’s time to take revenge from the Kai Long kung fu mafia for your people. The Japanese mafia boss and his crime partners have taken over the city streets involved in killing and fighting. Join the classic battle between a Hero Ninja Warrior and the Kai long don. This grand legend killer ninja is looking for the gang lord who jailed Japanese warrior. His evil mafia mind is behind some serious crimes capturing & destroying places in Japan and killing peace. His dangerous Kung Fu attack, real stealth skills, assassin and evil criminal escape skills spread terror among the people. Only you can take the risk to kill him as a combat hero. Don’t let the underworld rule the streets. Enjoy this fun addictive game with a true fighter legend against mafia underworld boss! Play Ninja War Lord for an extreme crime simulator action adventure!

Ninja War Lord features:
√ Amazing 3D City street Environment
√ Dangerous Combating Tools for Kung Fu Ninja fighting
√ Smooth and intuitive controls of a real Ninja war lord
√ Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
√ Thrilling and challenging fighting Missions
√ Easy and fun to play
√ Interesting Game Play
√ Attack, kill, smash and survive in a Stealth Mode
√ Amazing Jump, Run, Fight & Kill animations

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Cubic Basketball 3D Android iOS Gameplay HD

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Game description:
This is fully physics based 3D funny basketball game. All you need to is click one button, jump and try to first 5 baskets for win!

You can jump with one-button easy controller and make some basket!

– Customizable player forms. You can unlock various forms with earned golds.

– You can active 10 Power-ups in this game. Like Big ball, Small heads…

– Realistic basketball nets….




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Deadroad Assault – Zombie Game – New Game for Android

Deadroad Assault – Zombie Game – New Game for Android
Deadroad Assault – Zombie Game – shooting on android, where you will defend your barricade from zombies. This game takes you into the post-apocalyptic world where your main task will be to stop the spread of the virus across the planet. Keep the defense of his hiding place and kill all the zombies approaching him. Use to kill zombies heavy machine gun, rocket and other weapons and give rebuff to all the zombies and powerful bosses. Better during the game and show their weapons in practice their accuracy and precision shots. Come exciting mission of this game and use powerful weapons.
Your truck has crashed on eerie Exit 51, and the plague infested zombies are after you! You gotta shoot ’em up and crush ’em like bugs, and you’ve got an arsenal of chain guns and rockets to help you wreak havoc and destruction! Interesting levels, vivid surrounding, hot explosions, and thousands of zombies! Rip these angry monsters to shreds with gatling guns, chain guns and bombs. Unlock challenging achievements and compare your score online to see how you rank up!
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