Dark MIDI – Enter The Nexus ANDROID Ringtone (1,000 Views Special)

1. thousand. views! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]
Alan Walker – Spectre [NCS Release]
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Channel: AreyouCrazy ?
Published: 2017-03-19 15:31:14
Duration: 6M39S
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Dark MIDI – NOKIA TUNE (with history!)

Dark MIDI – NOKIA TUNE – 450000 NOTES!!! Also with the Nokia Tune history (2000 – 2012). Like and subscribe!

Happy New Year!

Channel: Sześcian
Published: 2017-12-31 18:44:53
Duration: 2M20S
Views: 4888994
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[Dark midi] Greeting (Sonny Erricson Ringtone), 632k notes, Sześcian.

This is the first of three Dark midis tha5 8’l” be uploading.

Midi info.
File name; Greeting.mid
Notes; 631,686.
Blacker; Sześcian
original video; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p_Kidu-PuXU
Midi DL; in the comments of original video.
Soundfont; Yamaha XG sound set.
Synth; Midi voyager internal Wavetable Synth.

Channel: Declan Grimshaw
Published: 2018-10-21 10:17:01
Duration: 2M43S
Views: 480
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Dark MIDI – Airplanes

MIDI Arts Used:

Tux the Penguin
Nokia 3310

Channel: Dark MIDI Channel
Published: 2018-10-22 11:20:40
Duration: 4M10S
Views: 666
Likes: 3
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Dark MIDI – Angry Birds Theme song. I used my MIDI Arts like Red Angry Bird, Twitter logo and King Pig. 400,000 notes. I hope you enjoy it. Like and subscribe!
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Channel: Sześcian
Published: 2018-10-12 13:14:08
Duration: 2M37S
Views: 357649
Likes: 3088
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