Detroit: Become Human – Fugitives: Kara Robs Super Market Store & Steals, Parked Android Chat (2018)

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Detroit: Become Human – Fugitives: Kara Robs Convenience Store Super Market & Steals, Parked Android Chat (2018)

DETROIT BECOME HUMAN – Kara kills Todd and protects Alice (full episode)

The scene where Kara kills Todd and saves Alice in Detroit: Become Human. One of Detroit: Become Human best moments.

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Detroit Become Human™: On The Run

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Detroit Become Human – HAPPY FAMILY & SAFE HARBOR Trophy Guide (Canadian Border Ending)

Detroit Become Human – HAPPY FAMILY & SAFE HARBOR Trophy Guide – Kara, Alice, Luther are together at the end & Kara and Alice passed the border [Silver]

Chapter: Battle for Detroit – Kara Leaving Detroit

For this you must keep Kara, Alice, and Luther alive throughout the entire game. Especially Luther is an easy character to lose. If he dies you can always quit out to the main menu and replay the last section via chapter select with the Save Feature enabled. Below are the defining moments for Luther’s survival:

– Chapter: Zlatko – Escape the manor with Alice and have Luther join you at the end (Trophy: ‘ESCAPE THE MANOR’)
Chapter: Midnight Train – When the cop shows up, talk to Luther and tell him to go UPSTAIRS (Trophy: ‘NOTHING TO SEE HERE’)

– Chapter: Crossroads (Kara) – When Luther gets shot in the foot during the escape from Jericho, choose :circle: HELP LUTHER, Get him safely to the next room and he’ll tell you to go and that he will catch up with you later

– Chapter Crossroads (Kara): When Kara & Alice run away from the soldiers (after escaping through the tunnels in Jericho), you must choose: :triangle: PLAY DEAD, :x: DON’T MOVE – This will result in you not being captured

The actual trophy then takes place in Chapter: Battle of Detroit – Kara Leaving Detroit

– Early in the chapter you must sneak past some soldiers. After sneaking behind the first line of cars you can see Luther and Jerry held at gunpoint by the police, waiting to be executed.
– Sneak around them, pick up a brick and knock out the police to free Jerry (and Luther).
– Choose to go through the security checkpoint (fast but risky route), pick dialogues: :triangle: ALICE EXCUSE — :circle: STAY CALM — :circle: COLD — :x: DO NOTHING — :x: DO NOTHING. The guard gives you an item Alice dropped and lets you pass safely
– At the bus station, speak to the mother and her baby. They will drop their tickets, press :r-down: to PICK UP. When they come back, pick dialogues :x: KEEP TICKET — :x: KEEP TICKET
– Get in the bus
– At the border control, press :L1: to see Jerry in the right lane (he’s the guy you saved from the police execution in the first step). When you reach the very end of the border control, choose SACRIFICE JERRY. Jerry will run through the patrol and get shot, but the border control officer is so distracted that he lets you pass without checking if you’re android or human.

Detroit Become Human Trophy Guide & Roadmap:

Detroit Become Human Trophy Playlist (Chronological Order):–


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Detroit: Become Human – Walkthrough Chapter 13 – On the Run // All Endings

For Chapter 14 – Jericho All Endings ►

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All Endings – Walkthrough – Detroit: Become Human

100% Flowchart Walkthrough – Detroit: Become Human

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Detroit Become Human – All Connor Endings (I’ll Be Back Trophy Guide)

Detroit Become Human – I’LL BE BACK Trophy Guide – Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end (All Connor Endings)

For this Connor must die 10 times in one playthrough. You have to start a New Story for this! You can’t just jump in one chapter to let him die and move on to the next – this would not update your progress between chapters and doesn’t earn the trophy. All chapters must be replayed one after the other. Some chapters have more than one way for Connor to die. In those you need just one death, I always picked the first possibility to die in each chapter. You must also be hostile with Hank so that he shoots Connor in the “Bridge” Chapter. Always be disobedient to him, talk bad about androids, be cold, spill his drink, kill the two Tracis in Eden Club to really get him mad. When you visit Amanda you can check the graveyard in the back of her garden to view your deaths.

You can cut this playthrough short by letting Kara die in “Chapter: On the Run”, when she crosses the highway with Alice. Just don’t press any buttons and a car will kill Kara and Alice, thus removing all their future chapters.

You can also let Markus die during “Chapter: Freedom March”. When the police stops the March, pick option STAND GROUND, STAND GROUND, SACRIFICE. Then the police shoot Markus. This removes all of his upcoming chapters and you can save a lot of time.

IMPORTANT: The death in the optional chapter “Interrogation” is also mandatory for this. Do not miss any of these or you’ll miss the trophy! Each of these deaths is mandatory.


[0:05] #1 – Chapter: The Hostage
[1:33] #2 – Chapter: The Interrogation
[3:58] #3 – Chapter: On the Run
[6:19] #4 – Chapter: The Nest
[7:02] #5 – Chapter: The Bridge
[9:29] #6 – Chapter – Public Enemy
[11:09] (MARKUS DEATH) – Chapter: Freedom March (*let Markus sacrifice himself to shorten the playthrough)
[12:13] #7 – Last Chance, Connor
[13:23] #8 – Crossroads
*Trophy unlocked for me here after Hank shot himself.
[15:01] #9 – Battle for Detroit
[17:27] #10 – Battle for Detroit

Detroit Become Human Trophy Guide & Roadmap:

Detroit Become Human Trophy Playlist (Chronological Order):–


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