Die besten Apps & Spiele für iPhone & Android | September 2017

Da sind sie! Die besten Spiele und Apps aus dem September 2017! – Was sind deine Favoriten? Schreibt es in die Kommentare! 🙂

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Hier die Liste der gezeigten Apps:

1. Beholder (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2k0DeLK
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2xD83uF
2. Clevery (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: https://bit.ly/2xn0Lvb
⇨ iPhone : https://bit.ly/2wGEnJi
3. DATA WING (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2k0pi4y
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2jVS5a4
4. Fast Finder (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2wSqXKu
5. Habitica (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2wgqYs1
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2fla98F
6. Hot Guns (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2hu9yC1

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cuboro cugolino Kugelbahn “Route 66”

Bei dieser cuboro cugolino Kugelbahn wird eine Murmel gestartet und 66 Murmeln kommen unten an. Ein passender Name fur diese Kugelbahn ist daher “Route 66”.
Einige in der Bahn verbaute Spezialbausteine und das Kugelrad wurden hergestellt von Dietmar Wachtler ( http://www.youtube.com/user/diddiskulima ).
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Top 10 OFFLINE Games for Android 2017 [GameZone]

In this video, we are going to take a look at top 10 offline android games 2017 HD. This list includes offline android games 2017, offline high graphics android games, offline HD android games, offline free android games, insane graphics android games, HD offline android games, offline games for android 2017, let us know about your favorite offline android game in the comment section below.
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Game List:-

10.Space Armor 2

9.BasketRoll 3D

8.King Of Dirt

7.Power Hover

6.Gun War: SWAT Terrorist Strike

5.Space Marshals 2

4.Ace Academy

3.Heroes Reborn: Enigma

2.SkillTwins Football

1.N.O.V.A. Legacy

Song: Icehunt – Hover (feat. Helen Tess) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Watch: https://youtu.be/j51Bixo4ZBE
Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/HoverCr

Razihel – Love U [NCS Release]

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Top 10 Best Android Games 2017 September Part2

Top 10 Best ANdroid Games 2017 September Part2

Hi Guys Here Are Some Good Android Games Released recently
for android Devices.All Gameplays With Internal Game Audio

Hope Guys Enjoy The Video And Game As Well.

1.Time Crash
Run as fast as you can, jump, slide, use ziplines, run on walls, bash doors and vault over anything in your way in this unique parkour experience.

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eightsec.TimeCrashAndroid&hl=en

2. Jet Car Stunts 2
Crazy stunt driving on outlandish courses.
– Insane jumps.
– Ludicrous speeds.

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trueaxis.jetcarstunts2&hl=en

3.Shadows of Kurgansk
Fight zombies, build asylums, find your way back home!
Shadows of Kurgansk is an adventure game, where you need to survive in an area full of danger and mystery.

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gaijindistr.freeabandoned&hl=en

4. Driver Simulator
Brand New Game from Producers of City Driving and Truck Simulator 2017.
Become the King of the road by playing Driver Simulator.

Download – https://youtu.be/BhodlmG4g1g
5.Destiny 6

Download – http://destyy.com/q6F8dD

6.Naval Storm TD
Admiral! Our naval base is in danger! Get ready to command a naval war and defend the last remaining supply of oil.

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamespire.tdstorm&hl=en

7.Champion Fight 3D
Spinebuster! Elbow drop! Scissor kick! Immerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of mixed martial arts action in Champion Fight!

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dmssc.freefight

8.4×4 Dirt Offroad Parking
Climb the highest mountains, race in the mud, show your skills as an offroad driver in this exciting racing simulator! Complete multiple challenges in a selection of varied vehicles.

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playwithgames.OffroadForestParking&hl=en

9.Mad City III LA Undercover

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EG.MadCityIII&hl=en

10.Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek
Have you ever dreamed that you are the only one who can save the world? You may feel lost and lonely in your dream; however, the special mission makes you powerful and confident to move on.

Download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cmge.uriglobal&hl=en

Thanks For Watching …..

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WIRKLICH coole Spiele-Apps für iPhone & Android | OwnGalaxy

SPIELE APPS 2017 – Heute habe ich wirklich coole Spiele Apps fur euer Android Smartphone oder iPhone am Start! 😉 Was sind die besten Spiele Apps? Schreibt es in die Kommentare! 🙂

Empfohlenes Video: Nutzliche Schulapps!:

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Hier die Liste der gezeigten Apps:

1. GTA: Chinatown Wars (kostenpflichtig)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2fg5pld
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2ffwYuJ
2. BARRIER X (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/1NKoQjf
⇨ iPhone : http://apple.co/1VZCG4v
3. Smash Bandits (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2vRrTiz
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2xi4aMa
4. Dots (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/1LcPcsd
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/1DTOQ75
5. Blackmoor (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2wXJesV
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2wmBw8x
6. Clash.io (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2y1RyXj
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2eT1B8R
7. Pocket Mortys (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2sdLhYM
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2sNyXvu
8. Osmos HD (kostenpflichtig)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2n4hkaa
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2y1PNth
9. Dashy Crashy (kostenlos)
⇨ Android: http://bit.ly/2wXkdws
⇨ iPhone: http://apple.co/2fg48dL

Instrumental produced by Chuki

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Top 10 Best Android Apps 2017 | MUST TRY

Here’s our pick for Best Android Apps for the month of August/September 2017.
Next Ep. coming up shortly 🙂
Previous Episode : https://goo.gl/BZtRsD

Top 20 Best Android Apps 2017 | MUST HAVE : https://goo.gl/ZNR141
20 Games I Play On My Galaxy S8 : https://goo.gl/EgZwJn
Awesome Tech & Gadgets : https://goo.gl/jsxUX7

Apps in this Video:

Noxapp+ : https://app.adjust.com/270fyy
Touchbar https://goo.gl/Ynsk8s

Sponsored By WonderShare:
Download WonderShare Video Converter Ultimate : https://goo.gl/MJe53y

Wall on : https://goo.gl/RrfBK7
Control centre https://goo.gl/Vtr1np
ZZ Icon Pack : https://goo.gl/dHwXmB
Atmosphere https://goo.gl/M449DH
Finder https://goo.gl/KfE6pH
Sectograph https://goo.gl/ZsbaSY
keyboard 69 https://goo.gl/DpI1ha
Edge Player https://goo.gl/sNBPSk

Top 20 Best Android Games 2017 : https://goo.gl/ibDA2i
Best Gaming Accessories : https://goo.gl/9dWz7D
Evolution of Video Games (8 bit to VR): http://goo.gl/NBNsvz
Awesome Tech Accessories(under$50): https://goo.gl/MCBdjn

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Support us : http://goo.gl/5hcLHR

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