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In the world of dinosaur hunting gamers you can hunt dinosaurs of you own choice in safari mountains with different assault rifles and ancient weapons like bow and swords.
Thousand years ago in Jurassic world dinosaur hunting or shooting was a major problem in human history.
In world of dinosaur shooting or hunting games this beautifully designed dinosaur hunting or shooting game.

Experience the thrill of being an real Dinosaur Hunter in the mountain & African desert.Dinosaur hunting is real thrill and fun for hunting gamers. Dinosaurs had ruled the land in the prehistoric safari mountains period thousand years before.

Now a days dinosaur of old ages have been finished completely for the world but their most of the people have craze to see them to hunt them so for the purpose of adventure of people we have developed this dinosaur hunter game with best assault rifles to shoot the dino perfectly.

There are five assault weapons for dino assassin adventure in mountains and desert safari Africa.
Jurassic world is famous for dino hunting so we developed a jurassic world also in this game to give a high quality dinosaur hunting game to the users.

Dinosaurs were very big creation thousand years before. There were different dinosaurs some of them were deadly killers of other dinosaur and some of them were flying dinosaurs.

For better shooting thrill we have added different types of assault weapons and all of them are free for full and real adventure of dinosaur shooting in Jurassic world.
Dinosaur hunting is done with five types of assault rifles in beautiful safari mountain world with green plants and real Africa desert.Feel Real dinosaur hunter in this dinosaurs game if you are crazy about dinosaur hunting games.
If you are real hunter and like dinosaur hunting games then it is best hunting game for you to show your hunting or shooting skills free in two beautiful environments
1- Jurassic Mountains & Africa Safari Desert.
There are different dinosaurs noises in this game to make you feel real mountains dinosaur hunting. There are five types of dinosaurs for hunting.

Keep in the mind dinosaurs are deadly dangerous and attack you and you have to shoot them as soon as possible.
If you try to shoot them with on bullet they will not be killed so you have to shoot them at least 3 bullets.
if you are a real hunter they go in the mountains safari or Africa desert pick assault rifle of you choice and start hunting.


• Actual thrill of dino chases and deadly dino attack and shooting
• Amazing graphics and prehistoric safari mountains and Africa desert
• Many thrilling levels with different number of dinosaurs shooting.
• Awesome game play with attacking animations and deadly sounds.
• Choose Dinosaur of your choice for hunting or shooting.
• Seven Assault Weapons and all of them are free for full shooting adventure.
• Easy and Smooth First person shooter controller. games for kids

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Nerf War: First Person Shooter 7 (ft. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton)

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Amazing People Skill And Talent – Epic Win Compilation || PuVideo

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In this video we will explore the top 10 CARNIVOROUS DINOSAURS…

Torvosaurus Gurneyi

The newest species of megalosaur to date, Torvosaurus Gurneyi is indeed a monster. Though not the twelve meter, 6-7 ton animal it was thought to be based on a 160 cm maxilla, T. gurneyi is still an immense animal. Tipping the scales at 3.5 tons at average and a staggering 5 tons as a maximum, Torvosaurus has earned its place on this list

Allosaurus Amplexus

A giant species of Allosaur that was discovered in the 90’s, this animal is commonly known as “Epanterias” amplexus. Most paleontologists consider this a nomen dubium, as it appears to just be a rather large species of Allosaurus. Just how big? well, scaling off of “Big Al”(Allosaurus Fragilis) yields ~14meters, 7 tons. But, this figure is a bit baseless and a more safe size estimation should be based off of the DINO allosaurids.. The only size figures given (apparently Stovall´s estimates) published anywhere are found below:
lenght of 42ft (=12.80m), 6.25 tons(6.25 tonnes), height of 16ft (=4.88m in kangaroo pose) a gape of 4ft (1.22m) six inch (=15.2cm) teeth and eleven inch (27.8cm) foreclaws. By comparison Allosaurus was stated to reach only up to 29ft; 2 tons in weight

Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis

Slightly smaller then its later gigantic relatives, Acrocanthosaurus is still not an animal you’d want to meet in a dark alley. The largest individual, affectionately known as “fran” was an 11 meter, 6.65 ton beast. Slightly smaller individuals have been unearthed, though they are known fromless complete remains. Estimates for these two range from 10.5-11 meters TBL; 4-6 tons

Therizinosaurus Cheloniformis

The only plant eating theropod on this list, Therizinosaurus is a massive animal. Quite capable of self defense as well, sporting claws that could measure as much as 6 ft. It’s appearance is quite bizarre- almost a potbellied, sluggish creature in overall stature. Perhaps this is due to its immense weight; T. cheoniformis tipped the scales at ~5.5 – 6 tons in TBW. Being so large almost certainly kept it safe from most predators – though the claws surely helped.

Tyrannotitan Chubutensis

Is it really a suprise most of this list comprises of Carcharodontosaurs? They were massive creatures, and Tyrannotitan was no exception. In Giganotosauridae – the subfamily that includes Giganotosaurus and MApusaurus; two other large bodied Theropods, Tyrannotitan is estimated to measure 12.5-13 meters in length, and, basing off of close relatives, would weigh in the ball park of 5-7 tons.

Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus

Ol’ Carcharodontosaurus has been kicked around quite a bit on this list. Old estimates have stated it to be anywhere from 6-20 tons in weight, and well they were right-but in a way they probably didn’t expect. Carcharodontosaurus appears to be overall more slender then previously thought, and a good deal longer. An overall TBL of 45-48 feet in length, but a meager 5-7 tons in weight have brought this Carcharodontosaur down slightly on this list, but still up there pretty high.

Giganotosaurus Carolinii

Giganotosaurus has always been in the top five largest predatory dinosaurs. It too has been kicked around though, and recent studies conducted in this decade have shown us something staggering. The holotype, once hailed as a 13 meter animal, has been shrunk down to 12.4 meters in length – a “Sue” sized animal. The second individua, based on scant skull remains, was said to be ~10% larger then the holotype. That would put it at 13.2 meters in length, with a proposed body weight of 7.5-8 tons. It’s no wonder Giganotosaurus is still onc of the largest predators to ever walk our earth.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

One of the first large bodied predatory dinosaurs ever discovered, Tyrannosaurus has lways been heralded as the largest to ever walk our earth. However, several discovereies in the last twenty years have shown us something rather different. Have no fear- as you can see T. rex is still high up on this list. The largest individual to date, “Celeste” measured an impressive 13 meters in length, and weighed in at 8.5-9.5 tons in weight.”Sue” once regarded the largest, measures 12.2 meters in length and weighs in at 7.4- 8 tons.

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

WHAT?!!you may be asking yourselves, and as i’m suspecting, i’m gonna have to support the hell out of this one to assure you Spinosaurus is still the largest predatory dinosaur to date. The new reconstruction courtesy of PAul Sereno’s new finds suggests a semi quadrupedal gait. So, before i start in let me tell you that this new posture gives more surface area for weight to be distributed on S. Aegyptiacus’ body. As for 3 ton estimates thrown around on this site because of the new finds, i submit to you ;BS. That’s the weight that Sereno et. al gave for Suchomimus Tenerensis – an 11 meter spinosaur. Simple scaling yields ~ 12 tons for S. Aegyptiacus.

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