Domino DM98 Android Smartwatch Review (GPS, WIFI, Camera, 3G…)

Android on your watch and no I am not talking android Wear. the DM98 Smartwatch is running Full android with Playstore and front facing camera for video chat. I have for you a review of the Domino DM98. Does it have a chance against the others ?
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M4 Blood Pressure Reading Smart Watch: Unboxing and Review

LYNWO M4 Health Blood Pressure Wristband: (15% OFF Coupon: 15M4BG)
H09 Buying Link: (15% OFF Coupon: 15CK11)
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These watches have been provided by BangGood for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to BangGood for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this M4 or H09 smartwatch, please use the links listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

It is long overdue for an improvement in how we do blood pressure readings. In the past these readings relied on your doctor or nurse to listen with a stethoscope for the tiny should of your heart beat while watching a pressure gauge slowly decrease in pressure. At best it was a rough ‘guess’ as to your actual blood pressure.

Now, with advanced software techniques, the movement of blood through your capillaries in your arm can be assessed to accurately deduce your true blood pressure.

This smart watch introduces an advanced science in a way that you can acquire measurements on the fly or produce detailed measurements using an associated app (H Band 2.0).

Someday we may see this feature appearing in every smartwatch that has a built in heart rate monitor, but for now, this is one of the newest on the market incorporate the new technology. If you or a loved one need to keep track of blood pressure regularly, this might be the ‘device’ for you. Since measurements taken with the device can be saved to the app, it’s a good way to get a record for your Doctor.

This is the video on our first reviewed Blood Pressure watch. It explains a bit more about this type of measurement compared to the traditional cuff and sound approach:

Here’s a valuable comment and link from one of our viewers:

From Dave D38:
very interesting technology!! for those who want to know more :
apparently the results are best when the sensor is not compressing the skin at all while measuring…

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Noise Turbo Smartwatch – Hands On Review

Noise Turbo Smartwatch – Unboxing and Hands On Review

The Indian retail unit of this watch comes for Rs 2500 and have crazy set of features – features that are found in smartwatches that costs 5 times more. You can get it even for cheaper price, watch complete video for the surprise price.

Buy Noise Turbo here –
Cheaper Clone version –

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El Smartwatch con Android más PODEROSO al momento Σ( o_o)!!

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TicWatch 2 vs. the Y3 from Lemfo – A Smartwatch Battle

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Amazon Link for the TicWatch 2:

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Kingwear KW98 Early Prototype Smartwatch: First Look

KW98 Buying Link: NOT YET AVAILABLE – Check back for updates and special pricing
This watch has been provided by Kingwear for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to Kingwear for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this KW98 smartwatch, please use the links listed above when we have them. It will help us receive more watches to review and use for development for you in the future. Thanks!

Please contact Zoe for bulk sales orders
Skype: lovezoe0502
Mob/WhatsApp/Wechat :+86-159 1949 0502

Here’s a direct link to the manufacturer’s website as well:

Here it is! The long awaited Kingwear KW98 smart watch phone, and what a beauty! It’s solid design and super flexible bands set it apart from anything else on the market.

As mentioned in the video, this is a prototype watch running the KW88 firmware. It will be updated soon and as new features emerge, we’ll do a followup video about it along with a much anticipated comparison video with the KW88. Hang in there, because we want to wait a bit longer for this platform to settle down to what the production version will be like when released.

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