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Eimi-te lah a Mobile phone apat Bible Apps Download ding dan buoi tam zieh in tam video bawl ahi a, tua leh mobile phone apat bailam tah a Zou Holy Bible, Simte Holy Bible, Paite Holy Bible, Vaiphei Holy Bible, Gangte Holy Bible, Hmar Holy Bible, Thadou Holy Bible leh adangdang Download thei nading a bawl hi a, phattuompi chiet ding in Pasian in hing guolzawl ta hen.

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Sun Hui Thi – Geljing in Thadou Kuki (Yphei Short Film) Cast: Paolien KoM & Helam Baite

Geljing In album Vaiphei short movie
Channel: Lee Myn Yunq
Published: 2016-08-18 18:38:20
Duration: 13M13S
Views: 37513
Likes: 326
Favorites: 0

Danglovi-An lungleng ve ngei ang

Mizo-Lushai-Hmar-Paite-Thadou/Kuki-Simte-Zou-Vaiphei-Gangte Hla
Channel: Jk Khawbung
Published: 2011-08-08 20:22:00
Duration: 5M54S
Views: 70281
Likes: 392
Favorites: 0

Mauna Ngen Hi – Zou Paupu the hero

Zou Paupu, Mauna ngen hi i leenna
Channel: Pupu Zou
Published: 2007-08-18 17:58:03
Duration: 4M1S
Views: 191237
Likes: 544
Favorites: 0

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