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OPEN ALL 2.11 DEMON CHEST (Total 48) | Geometry Dash 2.11

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Geometry Dash / 지오메트리대쉬 / Partition New Channel / 파티션 / 시온 / Sion / ジオメトリダッシュ / Geometry Dash Gauntlet / 2.1

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“Just, Don’t”… – Geometry Dash 2.11 SECRET! (And MUCH More!)

So 2.11 is out!

Here is a brief overview of what’s new:
1. New Chests. 5 keys per chest, higher rank prizes.
2. Community Shop! Now you can buy icons made by players!
3. Weekly Demons! They refresh every week as suggested.
4. Link obj. option. Put objects in a group.
5. New icons, ships, death effects, etc.
6. Less like botting. Yay!
7. MORE SECRETS!! (New Codes?) (New Vaults?)
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What is the “Info and Analysis” Series?
This series is basically just a series where I showcase upcoming extreme demons so Geometry Dash players can have a better understanding of what is about to be released.

What is the “Who Was” Series?
The “Who Was” series was basically an adaptation of Sea1997’s “Legends Series”. Of course, I do not own “Legends Series” in any way shape or form, but I decided to create this series so that anyone could get a documentary (not just legends).

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Geometry Dash 2.11 Community shop? [FANMADE]

Geomerty Dash 2.11 Community shop Fanmade.
Channel: Og01Letsplay
Published: 2017-08-08 07:20:36
Duration: 3M9S
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[New!] Top 10 Hardest Challenges in Geometry Dash! | Geometry Dash 2.1

These challenges are getting out of control..
List inspired by Davphla list on GD forums

Background levels are:
Woodkid by Jakerz, video by DollarC:
Flat Major by Endlevel, video by Andromeda:


Name: Illusion of Hell
By: Exen
Song: Dark dragon fire / F-777
Gameplay by NeironExGaming [Exen]:
ID: 38230726

Name: Gay Lol 4
By: Doopliss
Song: Red shift – Cubed
Gameplay by me (auto version)
ID: 32326717

Name: What the
By: UFokinWotM8
Song: Stereo Madness
Gameplay by UFokinWotM8 Geometry Dash:
ID: Deleted?

Name: Hill
By: Exen
Song: Silent hill (dubstep) – Jewelz123
Gameplay by me (auto version)
ID: 38614940

Name: Challenge dot com
By: Woffe
Song: King dedede theme – Acid-notation
Gameplay by me (auto version)
ID: 38222549

Name: Some timing idk
By: Kv082
Song: Nk vs TI amity – Timarbury
Gameplay by Kv082:
ID: 36004049

Name: Wave Spam God
By: Ternasius on Silliest account
Song: Fatallife-Inside my head (VIP)
Gameplay by UFokinWotM8 Geometry Dash:
ID: 36200629

Name: Kewl challenge
By: Woffe
Song: Holography – Garlagan
Gameplay by me (auto version)
ID: 37415500

Name: Impertinence
By: Aktimoose and Celenzone
Song: Milkshake – Meganeko
Gameplay by me (auto version)
ID: 37910891

Name: 8063
By: Joshawott
Song: Holography – Garlagan
Gameplay by UFokinWotM8 Geometry Dash:
ID: Deleted?

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Intro & Banner By Tomas ►

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Geometry Dash 2.11 All new Icons and explosion effect showcase!

Hi All This is the 2.11 new update icons showcase
I hope you can enjoy this video
Unlock all for android :
No Clip for Android :

Amazing music from my friend:

If you want to be informed quickly put like my facebook page:

Channel: Italian Apk Downloader
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