DRAGON BALL FighterZ – Android 21 in-game reveal trailer | PS4, X1, PC

The mysterious Android 21 makes her first in-game appearance. What are her motives and whose side is she on?

Find out when DRAGON BALL FighterZ releases in Early 2018. Pre-order your copy today: http://bit.ly/2xqkAPj

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All 11 Characters included in the closed beta, Intro & Outro cut-scenes, Super attacks and Level 3 Super Special Attacks.

Super Kamehemeha
Instant Trnasmission Kamehameha
Meteor Smash

Big Bang Attack
Final Flash

Teen Gohan:
No Motion Kamehameha
Father-Son Kamehameha
Father-Son Kamehameha FULL POWER!

Death Ball
Nova Strike
“You Should be killed by me!”
Golden Frieza Transformation

Energy Field
Solar Kamehameha

Majin Buu:
“You know what… I hate you!”
“You’re my snack now!”

Burning Attack
Heat Dome Attack

Special Beam Cannon
Hellzone Grenade
Light Grenade

Spilt Energy Wave

Android 18:
Energy Wave
Accel Dance w/ Android 17
Accel Dance w/ Krillin

Android 16:
Hell Flash
Hell Flash: FULL POWER
The Final Power that shouldn’t be used

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►Dragon Ball FighterZ INFO
Initial release date: February 2018
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Series: Xenoverse Series
Developer: Arc System Works
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Steam
Genres: Fighting


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DRAGON BALL FighterZ – All NEW Character Transformations & Ultimate Attacks DEMO

DRAGON BALL FighterZ – All Ultimate Attacks & Transformations, Intro, Victory Poses DEMO 「ドラゴンボール ファイターズ」

00:00 – Android 16

00:48 – Trunks

01:18 – Android 18

02:00 – Piccolo

02:30 – Krilin

02:58 – Goku

03:32 – SSB Goku

04:02 – Vegeta

04:17 – SSB Vegeta

04:41 – SSJ2 Gohan

05:09 – Perfect Cell

05:37 – Frieza

06:15 – Majin Boo

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Dragon Ball Super 「 AMV 」 – Impossible

Dragon Ball Super AMV
Dragon Ball Z AMV
Dragon Ball AMV
Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 Full HD
Dragon Ball Super Episodio 107 Legendado PT/BR
Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 English Sub
Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Preview
Dragon Ball Super Capitulo 107 Completo HD
Dragon Ball Super Capitulo 107 Sub Espanol
Dragon Ball Super Capitulo 108 Avance
Tournament of Power
Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Hit, Jiren
Cabba, Caulifla, Kale
Goku Limit Breaker
Goku Limit Breaker vs. Jiren – Dragon Ball Super AMV
Goku vs Jiren
Gohan vs Frieza
Frieza vs Frost
Frost vs Frieza
Master Roshi vs Frost
Vegeta vs Frost
Goku Super Saiyajin Limit Break
Goku vs Jiren Part 1 – Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 (Fan Animation)

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Dragon Ball FIghterz – Official Trailer 2.5 | TGS 2017 Trailer #2 (1080p)

Dragon Ball FIghterz – Official Trailer 2.5 | TGS 2017 Trailer #2 (1080p)
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Dragon Ball Z Fighter Movie Trailer (2018)

Please watch: “Man of Steel 3 (2019) – Man of Tomorrow Official trailer starring Dwayne Johnson”
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Duration: 3M
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