Dragon Ball FighterZ – PS4/XB1/PC – Android 17

Android 17 joins the amazing cast of Dragon Ball FighterZ as the nexte DLC to be released together with Cooler on September 27th.

The cool-headed android 17 uses multiple barrier techniques and long-range ki blast attacks to deal with almost all situations. Nothing less to expect from the winner the Tournament of Power!
His strongest move is the Super Electric Strike, a large-scale swirl of energy that can be executed both on the ground and mid-air.

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Android 17 Gets Jiren On His Knees Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131
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DBFZ: SonicFox Vs Cloud805 (Top 16) CEOTAKU

Watch Full Tournament Live ► https://www.twitch.tv/datafgc



Thunderstruck (10/06 – 10/07)

Southeast Asia (10/13 – 10/14)




Canada Cup (10/26 – 10/28)

Thailand Game Show (10/26 – 10/28)

DreamHack Winter (11/30 – 12/03)


New Zealand (9/23 – 9/25)

EU West (10/07 – 10/10)

USA East (10/14 – 10/16)

LATAM South (11/18 – 11/20)

East Asia (01/06 – 01/08)

EU East (01/13 – 01/16)

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Android 21 Eats Cell & Evil Transformation

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 Evil Transformation and Cell’s turned into a sweet.

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Spider Man PS4 All Suits and Abilities In The Game REVIEW (Spiderman PS4 Suits)

All Spider Man PS4 Suits (Spiderman PS4 Suits) Review. Spider Man PS4 All Suits – Spiderman PS4 All Suits (Spider-Man PS4)
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DBFZ ▰ Who Can Stop Dogura’s Legendary Super Saiyan?

In a recent interview with BornFree, @maneater_dgr stated that he wants to be known as THE Broly. The footage you see in this video is from day 1 so expect his Broly to become much better in the coming weeks / months.

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Enigma SSJ3 Broly Theme:

Enigma SSJ3 Vegeta Theme:

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Channel Art & Intro/Outro By: @zenkiro_ #DBFZ #DragonBallFighterZ #DragonBall

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