DroneMaps FAA Sectional Charts and UAS Facility Maps for Android and iOS Coming Soon

Download DroneMaps for Android here:


I’ve been experimenting with React Native to learn more about the framework and see if it’s possible to integrate with the DJI SDK. DroneMaps is a result of learning React Native over the past two weeks. I’ve been able to tile FAA Sectionals and UAS Facility maps to be included in the application.

iOS support will be coming soon.

Please leave any feedback below and thanks for watching.

Understanding Airspace For The FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test – Remote Pilot 101

http://remotepilot101.com We know that airspace plays such a large roll on the FAA’s Part 107 knowledge test. In this quick video I give a summary of each type of airspace and how to identify each on a VFR sectional chart. NOTE: Our promo pricing ended 1/31/17 The current price for life is now $150. Thank you for being one of nearly 10,000 (and growing) of our success stories. – Jason
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OpenDroneMap Revisited – and the Results are Impressive

I had previously covered an older version of OpenDroneMap for my open source aerial mapping workflow. Just recently version 0.2 was announced and I decided to give it a try. This video demonstrates the process of setting up OpenDroneMap in a Docker container. This was done from my MacBook Pro but should work from any Docker install. The base image is Ubuntu 14.04. Here are the results of Dripping Springs Tiger Stadium using ODM:


and here are the original results from Agisoft Photoscan Pro:


Kudos to the OpenDroneMap team for amazing progress. In an upcoming video I will share out to setup WebODM for an even easier workflow.

All aerial mapping photos were shot with my DJI Phantom 4.

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Understanding Chart Symbols – FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test Remote Pilot 101

http://remotepilot101.com In this video I’ll share with you some actual FAA knowledge test questions as they related to chart symbols.
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OpenDroneMap Free and Open Source Toolkit for Creating Aerial Orthomosaics

I’m excited about OpenDroneMap and the possibilities! Be sure to check out the project here:


Kudos to Stephen Mather and team for getting this project going. You can check out Stephen’s blog here:


Here is are the aerial photos from my hexacopter that were used in this video:


All of these photos were taken with my Canon SX260 running CHDK:


The tutorial was run on Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure.

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My Latest Drone Aerial Mapping Workflow with DJI Ground Station Pro

I wanted to share my latest workflow for aerial mapping with my DJI Phantom 4. This is by no means my final workflow, but I have been enjoying the DJI GS Pro app that you can find here:


at the bottom of that page there is a link to download from the app store.

You can find Photoscan Pro to do your stitching from here:


I realize that Photoscan Pro is not cheap and they sent me a complimentary license to share instructional videos on my channel. I will be following up soon with a howto for OpenDroneMap and will compare the results.

I love the GDAL tools. They are amazing and a great example of what can be done in an open source community. This is my favorite bundle for Mac:


Lastly, if you want to see the imagery that I’ve been creating you can go here to check it out:


Thanks for the continued feedback and support. If you have any questions or suggestions please post them below.

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