Easily Fake GPS Location Android

Learn how to Fake your GPS location on Android easily to have Apps and friend think you are in a location that you are not. Follow easy to follow directions and tips in this tutorial.

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How to fake android gps location?

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How To Set Fake GPS Location in Android (Without Root) [Fake GPS] (2016)

Hey guys, wanna set fake GPS location in android for app developments and for fun? Here is the video for that. Root is not required for the process. We need an app called Fake GPS, link is down below. After downloading, change a couple of settings, locate to your desired place and start fake positioning. Now when you open google maps or any other apps, the location will be set to the newly mentioned point. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Download Links:
Fake GPS app: http://bit.ly/29YhbPD
Hide Mock Location Xposed module: http://bit.ly/29FdzPx

Other GPS Spoofing apps:
Road spoofing: http://bit.ly/29Q8y9U

Original XDA thread: http://bit.ly/29YikGE

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Pokémon GO | HACK 0.61.0 | Failed To Detect Location Fixed+New Joystick+Gameplay and Some Updates!

Pokemon GO Hack 0.61.0 Any Android with Failed To Detect Location Fixed In Pokemon GO

With Pokemon GO Gameplay+New Joystick Hack+Failed To Detect Location Fixed and Some Major News Updates.

Hello Guyz 👲

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★Failed To Detect Location Fix★

Goto about device on your phone settings then check Android Security Patch Level, If its Feb 2017(or more older)then that device should use GPS joystick Hack but if it’s March 1, 2017(or newer) then that device won’t be able to use the GPS Joystick Hack.
Because Google Disabled The Mock Location Service in their Latest Updates (As requested By Niantic, The Pokemon Company) to block the Pokemon GO Hackers for Spoofing.
We all Know that Pokemon GO is one of the most exciting Game that we ever played in our Devices and it has a huge success till its released at 2016.

So if you want to use Pokemon GO Hack in your device then your devices 1st requirement will be Android Security Patch Level Older than Feb 2017

If you bought a phone recently then you have only one option USE CUSTOM ROM (Which ones Android Security Patch Level is Older than Feb 2017)

This Video is mainly for Marshmallow and Nought Users. If you faced any problem you can comment down, i will reply as soon as possible.

★Lollipop Users and Kitkat Users See this Video To use Hack: https://youtu.be/Ouoz_naYdBY or https://youtu.be/wjKiUKI0W4k

Fake GPS GO (v6.5): http://adf.ly/1mHiT9 ( Open thia link with opera mini or ucbrowser)

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[ANDROID] How to set a fake location on all device

Tutorial: How to set a fake location on your Android device.

1- Install the app – http://goo.gl/se9svm

2- Open the app and set a fake location.

3- Test it with a app locater or for facebook.

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How to fake your gps location on android

Tutorial to change your location on your android phone. This will allow you to use apps as if you were somewhere else.

Link to Fake GPS location app:

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