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Ebooktec app lets you read your favourite books on the go. Ebook Tec gives you easy access to over thousands of titles on your tablet and smartphone. So you can enjoy reading whenever you like, wherever you are. You can choose from a massive collection of popular books on ebooktec.com.

– Download your epubs and pdfs from cloud services such as google drive, one drive and drop box directly into your books collection.
– Switch between Day and Night modes
– Multiple fonts, sizes and styles for your cool reading
– Create your own books collections- Create, Edit and store your books.
– Highlight the text and add notes to them in various colours
– Make your quote and share your quotes to your beloved ones
– Easy Navigations, Horizontal and vertical Reading
– Use all features with no cost
– Finally
Tired of reading? Switch on Text-To-Speech, Let application read the book for you.

Mobile apps:

Inkbook 8 Android e-Reader Unboxing

The Inkbook 8 is the first eight inch e-reader from Arta Tech. Today, we open it up and show you everything that comes inside the box. Additionally, we show the home screen and e-book experience.
Channel: Goodereader
Published: 2016-04-06 00:07:20
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iPad & iPhone Text to Speech for Kindle, iBooks, etc.

More details: http://blog.the-ebook-reader.com/2015/02/19/how-to-enable-text-to-speech-on-ipad-iphone-for-kindle-ibooks-etc/ This video shows how to enable text-to-speech on an iPad or iPhone to read ebooks aloud, including Kindle ebooks, iBooks, Kobo, Google, Safari web browser, etc. Unlike VoiceOver, the new speak screen feature with iOS 8 automatically turns pages when reading ebooks aloud.
Channel: The eBook Reader
Published: 2015-02-19 14:46:55
Duration: 2M16S
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eReader Prestigio Android App Demo – State of Tech

eReader Prestigio provides a user with direct access to more than 1,000,000 ebooks in 25 languages, with more than 5,000 free e-books on in-app eReader Prestigio Store.

Download eReader Prestigio on the Google Play Store

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5 Best Book Reader Apps for Android of 2017

Channel: Naveen J
Published: 2017-06-02 20:09:15
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The Best eReader and eBook apps for Android!

Finding a good eReader can be difficult and that’s why we made this handy list. Included are the best eReaders for Android.

App Links:
Cool Reader: http://goo.gl/ob55r
FBReader: http://goo.gl/6nwQh
Nook: http://goo.gl/Oeqs1
Better World eReader: http://goo.gl/gkgIo
Aldiko Book Reader: http://goo.gl/TXJLX
Kindle: http://goo.gl/NnXED
Kobo: http://goo.gl/5oqzW

Written version: http://goo.gl/Ce7WH

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