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eBooks | Urdu Books Free Download | Free eBook Download | Programming Books | Web Design Books |

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Online Jobs for Work at Home | Earn Money from Home

Online Jobs for Work at Home | Earn Money from Home
Complete training for job. We explain everything from start to end. Learn the way of promoting links. Data Entry Project, Earn money online for Pakistani people.

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Download E-books free online from safaribooksonline easy Part 1

This works!!! Just watch

AT 9:05 minutes of the video, Go watch second part cuz MICROSOFT WORD Crashed!!!!

better than GoogleBooks on this website it is downloadable.

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Kaamchor Gadha & More – Best Moral Stories In Hindi | Panchtantra Ki Kahaniya | Stories In Hindi

Presenting Kaamchor Gadha & More – Best Moral Stories In Hindi (Hindi Kahaniya, Panchtantra Ki Kahaniya In Hindi, Dadimaa Ki Kahaniya, Stories In Hind). Loads of giggles are guaranteed! Sure you and your Kids will love watching it.

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Alka Yagnik and Shaan famous Bollywood Singers are associated with Happy Bachpan. They are the main singers for their Poems , Rhymes . Happy Bachpan is one the leading brand for Kids education through animation. Happy Bachpan is a venture of Golden Ball Musico P Ltd.

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HOW TO GET EVERYONE TO SAY YES(hindi) – Getting to Yes book Summary in Hindi

IN this video, I will show you how to get people to say yes to you in hindi. I will be doing this using points from the book getting to yes. This video will show you how to convince people in hindi.

Get the book: http://amzn.to/2FTpfhh

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सफल लोगों का राज़ है उनकी यह आदतें – MORNING HABITS FOR SUCCESS (HINDI)

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod in Hindi. This was such an eye opening book for me. The author overcame such extreme odds to become successful, and in this book he gives exactly how he did that. He shows how he used his morning ritual to accelerate his success. In this video I’ll show you these success habits in hindi.

Here’s the thing about life. Some of us get lucky in the beginning. Some win the genetic lottery, get rich parents, good education.

Get the book: http://amzn.to/2jKLwqa

But most of us have to earn our success. And that success isn’t going to happen on it’s own. It’s going to have to be a very deliberate process, and this “miracle morning” is going to be a huge step towards that.

So what is this miracle morning. It’s basically a morning ritual, that you do every morning. It’s just that simple. You do it until it becomes a habit, and then you keep doing it. It is your compass for the rest of the day.

Here it is. It’s called SAVERS. Each letter in that stands for one of the things that needs to be in your morning ritual.

S-Silence. Meditation has proven scientific benefits. All you have to do is calm your mind for a few minutes. It gives you tremendous control over your thoughts and feelings. And if you can control your mind, you are already on your path to success. Here’s how to get started with meditation if you’re a complete beginner. Sit in a quite place and set the timer for 5 minutes. And then just focus on your breathing, and don’t think. You will get a lot of thoughts, and you will notice that you may start to feel some anxiety. Let it go. Breathe. Don’t stress if you can’t silence your brain immediately, it comes with practice.

A-Affirmations. I talked about this in a previous video I did on think and grow rich. Write down what you want your ideal self to be like, in the present tense. And then read it aloud with emotion and intent. So if you want to start exercising more, write the affirmation, “I take care of my health and exercise daily”. Write affirmation for all areas of your life, and then read them aloud in your morning ritual.

V-Visualization. Take a few moments to realize exactly what you want your life to look like. Breathe deeply and pretend as if you are already living that life. This will set the tone for the rest of your day, and make you actually want to work towards your dreams.

E-Exercise. Get the blood flowing. You don’t have to make this your workout of the day, though you certainly can. The main point here is to get awake and more alert. Once you get the heart rate up, you will be wide awake, and be ready for the rest of your day. You can even do just jumping jacks for 1 minute if you’re really pressed for time.

R-Reading. Reading in the morning is a lot like taking a shower.

It cleans your brain of all the clutter, especially if you’re reading a classic. Read a good self help book, or a classic that has stood the test of time. You don’t have to read a lot, even 5 minutes is enough. You just have to make it a habit, like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

S-Scribing. This is basically keeping a journal. Research has shown that people who keep a journal are far more likely to succeed.

Take a few minutes to write down how you feel. Analyse yourself, find out your strengths and weaknesses. What I like to do is also write down a list of things that I want to accomplish during that day. This gives me a road map for the rest of the day, and is immensely helpful in setting your priorities throughout the day.

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