These examples show just how far esau goes, his shame knows no bounds

Satan Has a Son…and He’s Here! Who is He? – Dr. Gene Kim

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When Were Angels Created? When Was Satan Cast Out of Heaven?

Before even the foundations of the earth were established, God created His angels…

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Farrakhan Explains “Israel” in Bible – Story of Rebecca, Isaac, Esau, and Jacob (1 of 2)

Minister Farrakhan on the meaning of Israel and the explanation of the story of Rebecca, Isaac, Esau, and Jacob. Who are the real children of Israel?
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Legend of Seven Prince of Hell

✦♔ List ♔✦
1. Lucifer – Pride
2. Mammon – Greed
3. Asdmodeus – Lust
4. Amon hay Satan – Wrath
5. Beezelbub – Gluttony
6. Leviathan – Envy
7. Belphegor – Sloth

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