Evolution Of Play Store 2008 – 2019

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📌 | History Of Play Store 2008 – 2019
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📑 | List :

1. First Version Of Play Store ( 2008 )
2. Android Market ( 2009 )
3. Android Market ( 2010 )
4. Google Play ( 2011 )
5. Play Store ( 2012 )
6. Play Store ( 2013 )
7. Play Store ( 2014 )
8. Play Store ( 2015 )
9. Play Store ( 2016 )
10. Play Store ( 2017 )
11. Play Store ( 2018 )
12. Play Store ( 2019 )

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Evolution of Television 1920-2020

The Evolution of Television 1920-2020 #television #history #tech

In 100 years, the TV has taken many shapes and sizes. Here’s the history of the television, from the 1920s to today.

The 1920s gave us the mechanical television. The first model had a small display on the right, and a huge cabinet. These first TVs were very simple, in comparison to our technology today.

They implemented peculiar shapes. Such as the octagon television.

Although the technology was impressive, the video quality was not. Facial features were not recognizable unless makeup was worn in a specific way.

In the 1930s we saw more refined televisions. With better designs and resolution.

This decade saw a giant leap in video quality. From 100 scan lines at the start of the decade to 405.

The 1940s brought us even higher resolutions. Including, the NTSC standard, of 480 lines of resolution and better audio.

In the 1940s it was difficult to produce CRT screens larger than 12 inches. So big screen TVs implemented projection techniques.

The 1950s brought us the short-lived porthole televisions. But most importantly, it brought us the NTSC color standard. But, not many color televisions were sold until the following decade.

The sales of color TVs boomed in the 60s. They were now more affordable and the colors were more vivid.

The high-end TV sets also included a new invention. The remote control.

The 1970s brought TV designs for every taste and need. There was the upgradeable television with easily accessible circuit boards. The futuristic televisions. Which implemented curvy design patterns. The colorful TVs that looked more like toys. And the portable combos. Which normally included radios and cassette decks.

The 1980s was the end of the TV as furniture era. These were replaced with color projection TVs with larger screens and minimalist cabinets. The Space Command was one of those color projection TVs.

The 1980s gave way to the first LCD TVs. They were tiny and pixelated, but it was a huge step forward. Portable CRT TVs were a lot more affordable and included additional functions.

This decade was all about Sony’s Trinitron technology. As Sony’s patent had run out, all competitors were free to use the technology.

TV/VCR combos became really popular in the 1990s. They included FM radio and VCR.

In the 1990s, Casio continued to improve their portable LCD TVs.

A preview of one of the biggest tech of the following decade was introduced at the end of the 1990s. The flat HDTV. Priced around $7,000.

Throughout the 2000s CRT TVs were still very popular. As they were inexpensive and could access HD channels using a converter box.

During this decade, LCD tech was finally able to compete with Plasma. Giving us LCD HDTVs. Then LED TVs arrived. Which were superior to both.

A few brands experimented with ambience lighting. To make the TVs more immersive.

Through the decade, HDTVs became pretty smart. They were able to display content from your computer. As well as connect to different services on the internet.

We started the 2010s with the best combination of tech money can buy. 4K, LED, And 3D. Which all had just been introduced.

Curved screens became the premium feature for a few years. It was meant to reduce glare and improve immersion. By taking advantage of our peripheral vision. This works well for computer monitors. But it is barely noticeable on TVs.

Something truly impressive was the introduction of wallpaper TVs. These are almost as thin as a credit card.

The latest feature is ambient mode. Which lets you match your TV to your decor. It allows you to display your TV as art, or to match your wallpaper.

2020 promises many new technologies. Such as the rollable TV. It is completely hidden when it’s off and when it’s on, it grows to the size of the content or application. This is great for calendar and music apps. And avoids the black bars in extra-wide movies.

The transparent glass TV is another discreet TV technology. But it will likely be used more for decoration and art, than for entertainment.

While the double sided TV will be great for gaming and for commercial applications.

Tech is changing really fast, and so are our TVs. What do you think is next, for the evolution of television?

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China Super High-Efficiency New Electric Motor Technology

China Super High-Efficiency New Electric Motor Technology

This is a video DC Motor/Generator for Electric Vehicles, Marine and Aerospace applications. It show about how to make motor in China, and the technology will be very popular in the future.

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Evolution of Marvel Games 1982 – 2018

Evolution of Marvel Games 1982 – 2018
Spider-Man 1982
Questprobe featuring The Hulk 1984
Questprobe featuring Spider-Man 1984
Questprobe featuring Human Torch and The Thing 1985
Howard the Duck 1986
Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann 1987
Spider-Man and Captain America in Doctor Doom’s Revenge 1989
The Uncanny X-Men 1989
X-Men: Madness in Murderworld 1989
X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants 1990
The Amazing Spider-Man 1990
Silver Surfer 1990
The Amazing Spider-Man 1990
The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin 1990
The Punisher 1990
The Punisher: The Ultimate Payback! 1991
Wolverine 1991
Captain America and The Avengers 1991
Spider-Man: The Video Game 1991
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (1992)
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six 1992
Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge 1992
X-Men 1992
The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Invasion of the Spider-Slayers 1993
The Punisher 1993
X-Men 1993
X-Men 2: Clone Wars 1994
The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes 1994
The Incredible Hulk 1994
Wolverine: Adamantium Rage 1994
Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage 1994
X-Men: Children of the Atom 1994
X-Men 1994
X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse 1994
Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety 1995
Spider-Man 1995
Avengers in Galactic Storm 1995
Marvel Super Heroes 1995
Marvel Super Heroes In War of the Gems 1996
X-Men vs. Street Fighter 1996
Spider-Man: Web of Fire Spider-Man 1996
Spider-Man: The Sinister Six 1996
X-Men: Mojo World 1996
Iron Man and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal 1996
The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga 1996
Fantastic Four 1997
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter 1997
X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse 1997 h
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes 1998
X-Men: Mutant Academy 2000
Spider-Man 2000
Blade 2000
X-Men: Mutant Wars 2000
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes 2000
X-Men: Wolverine’s Rage 2001
Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six 2001
Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro 2001
X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 2001
Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace 2001
X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse 2001
Spider-Man 2002
X-Men: Next Dimension 2002
Blade II 2002
The Invincible Iron Man 2002
Daredevil 2003
The Incredible Hulk 2003
Hulk 2003
X2: Wolverine’s Revenge 2003
Spider-Man 2 2004
X-Men Legends 2004
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse 2005
Fantastic Four 2005
Fantastic Four: Flame On 2005
Ultimate Spider-Man 2005
The Punisher 2005
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction 2005
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects 2005
X-Men: The Official Game 2006
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2006
Spider-Man: Battle for New York 2006
Spider-Man 3 (2007)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2007
Ghost Rider 2007
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe 2007
Iron Man 2008
The Incredible Hulk 2008
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows 2008
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009
The Punisher: No Mercy 2009
Marvel Super Hero Squad 2009
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)
Iron Man 2 (2010)
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions 2010
Marvel Pinball 2010
Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem 2010
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds 2011
Thor: God of Thunder 2011
Captain America: Super Soldier 2011
Spider-Man: Edge of Time 2011
X-Men: Destiny 2011
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat 2011
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (2011 )
The Amazing Spider-Man 2012
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth 2012
Avengers: Initiative 2012
Iron Man 3: The Official Game 2013
Marvel Heroes (2013)
Deadpool 2013
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2013
Thor The Dark World: The Official Game 2013
Captain America the Winter Soldier: The Official Game 2014
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
Spider-Man Unlimited 2014
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 2014
Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers: Ultimate Heroes 2014
Marvel: Contest of Champions 2014
Marvel: Future Fight 2015
Lego Marvel’s Avengers 2016
Marvel Avengers Academy 2016
Kellogg’s Marvel’s Civil War VR 2016
Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series 2017
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite 2017
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (2017)
Marvel: Strike Force 2018
Marvel End Time Arena 2018
Marvel Powers United VR 2018
Spider-Man 2018
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Annie LeBlanc Lifestyle,Boyfriend,Net Worth,House,Car,Family,Height,Weight,Age,Biography-2019

Annie LeBlanc Lifestyle,Boyfriend,Net Worth,House,Car,Family,Height,Weight,Age,Biography-2019. Youtuber Celebrity Lifestyle.

You Find This Details From Video :
Annie LeBlanc Lifestyle
Bratayley Lifestyle
Annie LeBlanc Boyfriend
Annie LeBlanc Net Worth
Annie LeBlanc House
Annie LeBlanc Car
Annie LeBlanc Family
Annie LeBlanc Height
Annie LeBlanc Weight
Annie LeBlanc Age
Annie LeBlanc Biography-2019
Annie LeBlanc Facts
Annie LeBlanc Body-Measurements
Annie LeBlanc Eye Color
Annie LeBlanc Hair Color
Annie LeBlanc Life Story
Annie LeBlanc Education
Annie LeBlanc Favorite Things
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#biography #lifestyle #celebritypoints

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