AppLock by Sensory, the leader in advanced face and voice biometrics technologies, makes it easy to lock the apps on your phone or tablet that you want to keep private. AppLock ensures that only you can access your personal information, social media apps, and financial accounts, or make changes to the phone’s settings. Your face and voice are the biometric keys that unlock your apps, so you (and only you) can access them.

App link- https://goo.gl/HWXSX5

Fast and Simple Setup: Enrollment is quick and easy. First, choose one of the three pre-selected voice unlock phrases or create your own custom unlock phrase. Then, in just a few seconds, you can enroll both your face and voice by simply looking at your phone while speaking your chosen passphrase at the prompts. Choose which apps you want to lock, which security level to use for each app and you’re done. With AppLock you can lock each app with either Convenience Mode, which requires only face OR voice to unlock or TrulySecure Mode, for your most private apps, which requires face AND voice to unlock. That’s TrulySecure!

How it works: When you open any protected app, AppLock will open a window looking for your face while listening for your voice to say your secret unlock phrase. As soon as AppLock’s advanced face and voice biometrics verify your face or voice (or both), your locked app will open almost instantly. AppLock uses advanced, deep learning algorithms to ensure that you and only you can get in. AppLock even learns your face more accurately over time. So the more you rely on it, the more reliable it gets!

Why use AppLock?: AppLock is powered by Sensory’s TrulySecure™ face and voice multimodal biometric authentication technology, which combines powerful speaker verification and face recognition algorithms to ensure a seamless and secure experience. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Sensory is the leading provider of advanced deep learning face and voice biometrics for user authentication. To learn more about Sensory and TrulySecure, please visit our website: http://www.sensory.com/products/technologies/trulysecure/

AppLock is the only applocker on the Play Store that allows you to use your face OR voice, OR both to protect your apps. It’s a face lock and a voice lock all in one app!

AppLock is 100% free and 100% ad-free! Install AppLock and keep your apps secure! It takes only seconds to protect the privacy and security of your personal information like SMS, email, social media, banking apps and more.

How to Enroll:
We hope you find AppLock to be very easy to use. Here are a few hints to help you get started:

* Opening AppLock for the first time, you will be guided through the steps for AppLock to learn your face and voice.
* First, choose your voice unlock phrase: one of three pre-selected phrases or any 4-5 syllable phrase that you want.
* Then, just follow the on-screen process to enroll your face and voice.
* During enrollment, make sure you are in a bright and quiet location. If you’re having trouble enrolling, it might be too dark or too loud. Look for text in the upper right of the screen telling you what the problem is.
* During enrollment, look at the camera with your face clearly visible and centered in the blue box and say your passphrase as prompted (usually three times) until enrollment completes.
* Last, create a backup authentication option (PIN, pattern or password) to use your backup method if conditions are too extreme for face or voice.

How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle – Easy life hacks

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How the Ancients Cut Stone with Sound – Lost High Technology Explained | Ancient Architects

How did the ancient civilisations cut and shape such intricate stonework like we see in Egypt? How were holes seemingly drilled through solid granite? How did the Incas create walls with perfectly connecting blocks of stone? Did they use traditional tools? Did they harness the power of the sun as I explained in a previous video? Or did they know the secrets of sound?
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5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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How To Get Call Details Of Mobile Number | Call Log | Call History Of Mobile Number

How To Get Call Details Of Mobile Number | Call Log | Call History Of Mobile Number

Application Link: http://shrinkearn.com/L0gL

Hi Friends Aaj Ki Video Me Maine Aapko Bataya Hai Ki Aap kisi Bhi Number Ki Call Details Kaise Nikal Sakte Hai Chahe Wo Aapki Girlfriend Ho Ya Fir Koi Family Members Ho Aap Kisi Ka Bhi Call Details Apne Phone Se Nikal Sakte Hai To Aap Ye Video Ko End Tak Dekhe Aur Step By Step Follow Kare Ummed Karte Hai Aapko Ye Video Achi Lagegi.

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10 Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have in 2018 – 2019

Please watch: “10 Gadgets Every Parent Must Have”
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