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Welcome to the 177th edition of Android Apps Weekly! This week we talk about Xposed coming to Nougat, Fire Emblem Heroes, Beme’s death, and more apps news!

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[FEHeroes] Live: 150+ Orbs Hero Summoning – Takumi or BUST! Fire Emblem Heroes

This is a highlight taken from live stream footage of Ziss attempting to HARD pull for Takumi. Focus: Deep Devotion – Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes offers turn based strategy RPG to mobile devices!


Fire Emblem Heroes is © 2017 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS

Channel: Ziss
Published: 2017-02-05 09:14:40
Duration: 23M9S
Views: 6862
Likes: 109
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Gather, Mobile Heroes! My First Summons! | Fire Emblem Heroes w/ ShadyPenguinn

Fire Emblem Heroes is the newest mobile Nintendo game! Spanning over the entirety of the franchise, fight with your favorite heroes in an all new story! Summons are addicting.

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Keep It Shady!
Fire Emblem is owned by Nintendo. All images, characters and the like are their property and used for educational purposes.

This video is owned by ShadyPenguinn, unless images/music specified in above description.

Channel: shadypenguinn
Published: 2017-02-03 21:11:20
Duration: 25M50S
Views: 32016
Likes: 1946
Favorites: 0

How to Play Fire Emblem Heroes – Tips & Tricks (Guide)

Fire Emblem Heroes has been released on mobile devices and has attracted many newcomers to the series! This guide will walk you through every aspect of the game so you know what you can do with your Heroes and better prepare for the battles.

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Channel: GameXplain
Published: 2017-02-05 16:11:10
Duration: 10M28S
Views: 50181
Likes: 1499
Favorites: 0

Snapdragon 835 – Snapchat Not Making $ – LG G6 Image Leak

Channel: Android Authority
Published: 2017-02-05 04:11:16
Duration: 4M31S
Views: 57232
Likes: 1736
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Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS & Android) – Preface: I Summon Thee & The Legend! w/ 150+ Orb Hero Summons!

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Welcome to the start of Fire Emblem Heroes for the iPhone or Android! We get summoned by Anna, after she pulls off a ritual! She summons us, a Great Hero from another world. Turns out Anna is the commander of the Order of Heroes. We are the chosen one to wield the Breidablik, also known as “The True Key”. Let’s aid Anna by using the Breidablik to summon a whole lot of heroes using over 150 orbs to do the summons! Let’s set some heroes free, shall we? Make sure to leave a Like, Comment, & Subscribe to RasouliPlays.

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Watch the Latest & Greatest!: “Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS & Android) – Chapter 9: Heroes Invade! [V 1.0.2 Finale]”

Channel: RasouliPlays
Published: 2017-02-02 15:31:49
Duration: 28M51S
Views: 22135
Likes: 374
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