Fire Emblem Heroes – Part 55 | 100+ ORBS For Celica! LIVE SUMMONING SESSION!

Abdallah spends 100+ Orbs to summon Celica during a LIVE audience in Part 55 of Family-Friendly, HD 1080p60 Gameplay of Fire Emblem Heroes for Android and iOS Mobile Devices!
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Open the gateways between worlds, Heroes at your side.
Nintendo’s hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series is now re-imagined for smart devices.

Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go gameplay. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes’ skills, and take them to new heights. This is your adventure—a Fire Emblem that’s like nothing you’ve seen before!

This application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

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【Fire Emblem Heroes】F2P 3* Units Adv Arena Deathless Run (4432) [Wrys,Donnel,Olivia,Cecilia]

Hey guys. I got tired of using overpowered horse/flier/armor emblem teams and decided to try out full 3* free units advanced arena. Although the opponents I faced aren’t full 5* Level 40, however majority of the enemies are at least 4* level 35+ and above. I personally find it very fun as it was a challenge trying to achieve a deathless run even though the ratings at the end of the run were below average. I understand that there might be a better 3* F2P team comp but I decided to go with Wrys since he is a bonus unit and I didn’t want to pass this rare opportunity up. Hope you enjoy the video. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Here are some old videos if you need help in leveling or farming SP.
SP Farming Guide :
Power Leveling Guide 1-40 :

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Online Arena Duels #24 – Azura,Camilla & Donnel [4868 Score Deathless run]

What’s up guys and welcome to my Fire Emblem Heroes Online Arena Duels series for Android and iPhone devices, in this episode we do Season 15’s challenge of getting 7 win streak.I do all battles on Advanced difficulty. I use a team of Ike, Donnel, Camilla & Azura.

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How Bladetomes break most of the game and how it may break even more in Fire Emblem Heroes

We’ve gone over Horse Emblem before, but now with the new Sacred Seals, I’m starting to see the problems that arise.
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Rite of Shadows 40 Orbs Summon & 1st Impression (Fire Emblem Heroes)

New characters have been released, and it’s the time to spend the orbs! How was the result? Find out more in the video. Want to buy PC/PS3/PS4 games? Use this link to support this channel :
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Fire Emblem Heroes: Amazing Female Mages! 100 Orbs Summoning!

This banner has some really amazing focus units on it, and to top it off, I don’t have any of them as a 5* yet! So I decided to jump in and do some summons. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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