Firebase Google Login in Android
In this video we will learn to have google sign in feature in Android App using Firebase. Firebase allows us to have google account login feature in our Android App
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What is Model View Controller AKA MVC 🖥
In this video I will explain what Model View Controller aka MVC is. Model View controller is a design pattern to write and manage code. MVC helps you to better organize your code, makes code independent of each other, thus enhance the scalability of code.


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Published: 2017-06-08 08:00:46
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Guia, tutorial para implementar la autenticacion, login con Google en Firebase en una aplicacion Android. Obtenemos la informacion del usuario directamente desde Firebase, nombre, correo, fotografia.

Codigo y mas informacion:


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Login con Google y Firebase en Android

Hola este es el primer video del segundo curso de desarrollo de aplicaciones Android, cada semana tendras nuevo contenido, con nuevos retos y codigo para desarrollar apps en Android. en Este video explico como autenticar usuarios o hacer login con las cuentas de Google usando Firebase. espero os sea de utilidad

Para descargar el archivo clic en este link:

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My 0 and 1 theory to learn

This video is about a theory, 0 and 1 theory in my life. I hope this video will change your life.


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Published: 2017-05-24 10:45:35
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Understanding logic of TIC TAC TOE app for android development
In this video we will make a simple TIC TAC TOE game. This is part 1 of the game. We will first understand logic of game and will work on layout part in next video.

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