Firebase Query Android Tutorial – Querying Firebase Realtime Database

Firebase Query Android Tutorial
In this Video we will learn how to query firebase realtime database.

Prerequisites of this video:
Android RecyclerView and CardView Tutorial:
Firebase Realtime Database Tutorial:

You can perform almost of the queries that you perform in SQL database in Firebase Realtime Database as well.

Here we will learn about some most commonly used queries in SQL, and how to do the same in firebase database.

For the source code of this project visit this link:

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Firebase Android Tutorial – Part 1 – User Registration

Check the updated tutorial from this link –

Start using firebase for your android apps with this Firebase Android Tutorial.

This is the first part of the Firebase Android Tutorial series. In this video we will learn how we can create a user registration application using firebase.

In this part of Firebase Android Tutorial, we will create a user registration app in a very simple way.

More part will come soon in this Firebase Android Tutorial Series. For the source code and other details for this part visit the following link

If you are looking for integrating firebase in ios app go to this link

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Firebase Database Querying 101 – The Firebase Database For SQL Developers #3

Learn more about qureying in the official documentation:

Welcome to the third video in the Firebase Database for SQL Developers series!

Querying may be less powerful in NoSQL databases than compared to SQL databases, but there’s still a lot you can do with the Firebase Database.

Watch more videos from this series:

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#1 Firebase Phone Authentication Android Tutorial – Sign In

Firebase Phone Authentication Android Tutorial. In this video we will learn how we can use the Firebase Phone Authentication for our Android Application.

We will learn
– Sending a Code to User’s Registered Mobile Number
– Verifying the code and performing User Sign In

For other Firebase Auth Tutorials visit the following links
Firebase Google Login –
Firebase Email Password Auth –

Four the source code you can visit the following GitHub repository
Firebase Phone Authentication Code –

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Google Sign-In with Firestore Custom User Data

Learn how to authenticate users with Google login, Firestore, and AngularFire v5. We also build a router guard to protect your routes from unauthenticated users.

Google Login:

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Firebase Recyclerview with Firebase Database and Storage part 1

Implementing a Recyclerview with Firebase Database and Storage

Code on github:

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